Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bumper Hood

Pic 1: Removing the old bumper hood

When your car is OLD, the bumper hood (yes that is what it is called according to Nissan) tends to sort of start to harden, break down and disintegrate. When this happens, it affects the alignment of your hood against the fenders. Yes, I am that particular; I need 'em to be perfectly aligned. :)

Besides that, more importantly, old and hardened bumper hood provides little or no protection when you slam your hood down after tinkering with the engine bay. A fresh set of soft springy bumper hood will solve that.

Pic 2: The old bumper hood

I sourced new bumper hoods (Part No. 65829-AA000) and got mine replaced. It's a quick job but I reckon it's pretty important.

Have you checked yours? Do you need yours to be replaced? I've a couple if you need 'em. These are the same for all Skyline series. Shoot me an email at eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you require it. Will ship worldwide. :)

Pic 3: The new bumper hood!!

Pic 4: Comparing the old and new bumper hood

Pic 5: All done and looking smick!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breaking R34 Front End - "Store Room Clearance Sale"

I have the below parts from the frontal of a R34. If you've a collision (touch wood!), these parts will certainly come in very useful. Well, besides that, these would be great to be kept as spares or to replace ageing items.

I am selling off the below parts as I need to make room in my already over crowded store room.
Prices are nego and it's priced to sell. Just need 'em space back as there will be more stuffs to store later on.

Allrighty then, the list of parts are as below. Shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you are interested in any of the below parts. :)

Condensor Assy (Part No. 92110-AA000)

Pic 1: Consensor Assy (Part No. 92110-AA000)

Fan & Motor Assy-Condenser (
Part No. 92120-5L700) - ITEM SOLD -

Pic 2: Fan & Motor Assy-Condenser (92120-5L700)

Pic 3: Fan & Motor Assy-Condenser (92120-5L700)

Front Apron
Will sell this as a whole package consisting of the below:-
Support Assy-Radiator Core (Part No. 62500-AA000
Support Radiator Core, Upper (Part No. 62510-AA000)
Bolt (Part No. 01121-03181)
Support Radiator Core, Lower (Part No. 62530-AA000)
Support-Radiator Core, Side RH (Part No. 62520-AA000)
Support-Radiator Core, Side LH (Part No. 62521-AA000)
Seal-Head Lamp Hole, RH (Part No. 62568-AA010)
Seal-Head Lamp Hole, LH (Part No. 62569-AA010)
2X Clip (Part No. 01553-00401)
... and many more small misc items

Pic 4: Front Apron

Pic 5: Front Apron

Pic 6: Front Apron

Front Bumper Retainer
Will sell this as a package consisting of the below:-
Retainer - Front Bumper Upper (
Part No. 62240-AA000)
Bracket - Front Bumper Stay, RH (
Part No. 62216-AA010R)
Bracket - Front Bumper Stay, LH (
Part No. 62217-AA010L)
Reinforce - Front Bumper Center, Inner (
Part No. 62030-AA030)

Pic 7: Front Bumper Retainer

Pic 8: Bracket - Front Bumper Stay, LH (Part No. 62217-AA010L)

Pic 9: Front Bumper Retainer

Pic 10: Front Bumper Retainer

Retainer - Front Fascia
These attach to the Front Bumper Retainer (above). Will sell it as a pair consisting of:-
Retainer - Front Fascia RH (
Part No. 62244-AA000)
Retainer - Front Fascia LH (
Part No. 62245-AA000)

Pic 11: Retainer - Front Fascia

Pic 12: Retainer - Front Fascia LH (Part No. 62245-AA000)

Pic 13: Retainer - Front Fascia RH (Part No. 62244-AA000)

Front Fender Wings - ITEM SOLD -
These are the corner cuts off the R34 fenders. With these your conversion to R34 front (from R32/R33/RPS13/A31, etc...) would be much more "easier" and provides a more factory look as it would fit the R34 headlights perfectly.

Pic 14: R34 fender corner cuts

Rod-Hood Support (Part No. 65771-AA000)

Pic 15: Rod-Hood Support (Part No. 65771-AA000)

Stay Hood Lock & Horn
Am selling this as a set consisting of:-
Stay Hood Lock (Part No. 62550-AA030)
Horn Assy-Electric (
Part No. 25610-AA000)

Pic 16: Stay Hood Lock

Pic 17: Stay Hood Lock

Pic 18: Stay Hood Lock

Tank Assy-Windshield Washer
Selling this together with the pumps for front and rear washer. Package consists of:-
Tank Assy-Windshield Washer (w/o Inlet-Washer Tank)
Pump Assy-FR Washer (Part No. 28920-60U10)

Pump Assy-RR Washer (Part No. 28920-AA000)

Pic 19: Tank Assy-Windshield Washer

Pic 20: Pump Assy-FR & RR Washer

Pic 21: Tank Assy-Windshield Washer

Front Bumper (F2022-AA54D)

Pic 22: Front bumper (F2022-AA54D)

Hood and Hood Insulator
Selling together OR separately the:-
Hood (Part No. F5100-AA0AM)
Insulator-Hood (Part No. 65840-AA000)
~ The headshield lining (in perfect condition)

Pic 23: Hood (Part No. F5100-AA0AM)

Air Spoiler Assy (Part No. K6030-AA104) - ITEM SOLD -

Pic 24: Air Spoiler Assy (Part No. K6030-AA104)

Bracket-Condensor Mounting (92114-AA000)

Pic 25: Bracket-Condensor Mounting (92114-AA000)

Bracket - Front Bumper - ITEM SOLD -
Bracket - Front Bumper, RH (Part No. 62222-AA000)
Bracket - Front Bumper, LH (
Part No. 62223-AA000)

Pic 26: Bracket - Front Bumper

Bracket-Radiator Mounting
2X Bracket-Radiator Mounting, Upper (Part No. 21508-01U00)
2X Mounting Rubber-Radiator, Upper (
Part No. 21506-1U000)

Pic 27: Bracket-Radiator Mounting

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recaro RS-G

Pic 1: Recaro RS-G

Ever since I started "playing around" with cars, I've always wanted a fixed back bucket seat. The closest I got was a pair of Recaro SR3 in my previous car, the Perdana V6. Those were very comfortable yet provides enough grip on hard cornering. Too bad, I removed it out from the car and had it sold off 3 years ago. I didn't want to put it into the ER34 then as my plans with the car was not that extreme; just wanna keep it lightly modded and close to stock; well at least that's what I told myself.

Hummph, looked at how it turned out now!

Pic 2: Rear of the Recaro RS-G

So anyway, one day a buddy of mine offered me something I find it hard to resist, a Recaro RS-G along with railings for the R34. It's just plug and play. Now ain't that mighty convenient? :P

Pic 3: Recaro railings for the R34

The Recaro RS-G is the replacement model for the ever popular Recaro SP-G. It's a current model and still is highly popular especially in Japan. I've seen many pictures of it installed onto the R35 GT-R and also the S2000.

Pic 4: Side view of the Recaro RS-G

The Recaro RS-G that I have is wrapped in cloth material. I wished mine were wrapped in alcantara but I guess cloth will do for now unless someone wanna sponsor a re-trim. :)

Here are some pictures of the seat. :)

PS. Time for a harness to compliment the Recaro RS-G? :P

Pic 5: Harness guide holes

Pic 6: Compatible with 5/6 point harness

Pic 7: I wished mine were wrapped in Alcantara

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suspension Reset

Pic 1: Getting the suspension setting redone

After the Stage II upgrades, the ER34 felt a bit funny to drive, it just doesn't feel right going into and out of corners; driving in a straight line also felt "jittery". The suspension settings must have been out of whack after the removal of the wheel bearings.

Guess a trip to the tyre shop is in place. Got the ER34 checked in and has her alignment, camber, castor and balancing (off-wheel & on-wheel) redone. I love this place as there are no fancy laser guided alignment machines; all is done manually the old skool way. Good stuffs!

Since she's already at the shop, I got her tyres rotated. Well, yeah need to preserve the life of the Yokohama AD-07s. Freaking costly tyres! Yikes! :(

Pic 2: Wheels waiting to be balanced

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busted Radiator

Pic 1: NEO cover!

As mentioned in my previous posting, I've a problem with my cooling system. I think the N1 Water Pump has a very much higher pressure than the stock unit and as a result, my radiator got busted. Well perhaps old age might also got something to do with it.

Anyway, my radiator developed hairline cracks and water starts to seep out from it especially at higher rpm.
Coolant laced water were splashed everywhere in the engine bay. The car is drivable but I rather not risk running low on water and overheating the engine. Looks like it's time to get a radiator upgrade. :)

Pic 2: Water seeping out

Pic 3: Damn coolants making a mess

"The Driver" Animation TV Series

Check out this new animation TV series called "The Driver" that is coming out in the Summer of 2011. The car chase sequence is amazing, love the animation of the 350Z, Lancer EVO, AE86 and S2000 running away from the cops. Looks like they threw in the Verde Ithace (green) Lamborghini Gallardo too, which the cars avoided in the traffic crawl.

Love the end of the trailer where the R35 GT-R makes its debut. Those rear twin stove lights illuminating the dark of the night makes the animation all worthwhile. :)

Can't bloody wait!

Official Trailer

If the animation looked kinda familiar it's because they are the same guys that created the "Extreme Limit" animation in 2001. I'm sure you'll remember watching that video. I've append it below for old time's sake. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sumitomo rear brake pads

Pic 1: Sumitomo brake pads

I've not changed the rear brake pads of the ER34 since I acquired her. Yes it's that long. So one fine day I decided to chuck the old stock pads away and insert in new brake pads. I am not going to spend a lot on rear brake pads because only about 20% of the braking force is at the rear so there's not really much reason to splurge too much on it.

That's how I decided on the Sumitomo brake pads (Part No. SN797P). Does the job well and comes in at a reasonable price. :)

It's been doing its job pretty fine so far and am happy with this decision instead of opting for mega expensive high temperature rear brake pads.

Pic 2: The face of the pads

Pic 3: The rear of the pads

Pic 5: Part No. SN797P

Pic 5: Errr....dunno what it says. :P

Friday, April 16, 2010

For Sale: BNR34 Stock Fuel Rail with Fuel Regulator

I have no use for this, thus am selling off my my BNR34 stock fuel rail with fuel regulator. If anyone is keen, shoot me an email at eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

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