Monday, April 19, 2010

"The Driver" Animation TV Series

Check out this new animation TV series called "The Driver" that is coming out in the Summer of 2011. The car chase sequence is amazing, love the animation of the 350Z, Lancer EVO, AE86 and S2000 running away from the cops. Looks like they threw in the Verde Ithace (green) Lamborghini Gallardo too, which the cars avoided in the traffic crawl.

Love the end of the trailer where the R35 GT-R makes its debut. Those rear twin stove lights illuminating the dark of the night makes the animation all worthwhile. :)

Can't bloody wait!

Official Trailer

If the animation looked kinda familiar it's because they are the same guys that created the "Extreme Limit" animation in 2001. I'm sure you'll remember watching that video. I've append it below for old time's sake. :)

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