Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clutch Replacement - ORC 409D

Pic 1: ORC 409D
Just got the clutch on the ER34 replaced with the ORC 409D. This is a 400ps/55kgfm pull type clutch. Previously I was running the URAS Super Single Drift Clutch which is essentially an ORC 409D but made to URAS specs with slightly different friction plate. It does not have a damper and the engagement was wonderful! It's a little hard to drive but far more than makes up for it with its positive points.

When I had the URAS clutch on, I converted the ER34 gearbox from a pull system to a push. Now to get this set of ORC 409D in, I've to convert it back to a pull system. Luckily I kept all the parts when I converted it to push. All I've got to do is just to reverse the process. No big deal really.

Pic 2: ORC Logo

Pic 3: Ogura Cluth

Got in a Nissan clutch bearing and I have all the parts required for the job. Inital impression is that this is way much easier to drive! Not so much of an "on-off" clutch like the URAS version. Good amount of play and much less juddering. I guess those dampers does make a huge difference in drivability. The only downside is that the engagement is not as direct as the URAS.

I've a strong feeling that I am going to miss my URAS unit. :(
Here are some pics of the install.

Pic 4: Nissan Clutch Bearing

Pic 5: Converting it back to a pull system

Pic 6: ORC 409D installed

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Leaking Rear Differential

Pic 1: Leaking r
ear differential

Noticed that the ER34 has a leak on one side of the differential. Nothing major, just a leaky differential seal. So I got the car jacked up and the differential removed. Whilst only one side is leaking, well one might as well replace both sides of the differential seals since it's already removed from the car.

The ER34 uses the "Rear Differential Seal-Side, bearing the part number 38342-N3100". Ordered two of them and it was replaced after all the existing oil was drained out. I took the opportunity to change my differential oil while at it. Motul Motyl Gear SAE 80 W140 was ordered and in it goes into the differential.

Now it's as good as before. There's still some work to be done to the ER34. Will update as and when I get around to do it. Looks  like 2013 will see a bit of more work done to the ER34. :)

Pic 2: Rear
differential removed from the ER34

Pic 3: This is the leaking side

Pic 4: The faulty oil seal

Pic 5:
Motul Motyl Gear SAE 80 W140

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