Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clutch Replacement - ORC 409D

Pic 1: ORC 409D
Just got the clutch on the ER34 replaced with the ORC 409D. This is a 400ps/55kgfm pull type clutch. Previously I was running the URAS Super Single Drift Clutch which is essentially an ORC 409D but made to URAS specs with slightly different friction plate. It does not have a damper and the engagement was wonderful! It's a little hard to drive but far more than makes up for it with its positive points.

When I had the URAS clutch on, I converted the ER34 gearbox from a pull system to a push. Now to get this set of ORC 409D in, I've to convert it back to a pull system. Luckily I kept all the parts when I converted it to push. All I've got to do is just to reverse the process. No big deal really.

Pic 2: ORC Logo

Pic 3: Ogura Cluth

Got in a Nissan clutch bearing and I have all the parts required for the job. Inital impression is that this is way much easier to drive! Not so much of an "on-off" clutch like the URAS version. Good amount of play and much less juddering. I guess those dampers does make a huge difference in drivability. The only downside is that the engagement is not as direct as the URAS.

I've a strong feeling that I am going to miss my URAS unit. :(
Here are some pics of the install.

Pic 4: Nissan Clutch Bearing

Pic 5: Converting it back to a pull system

Pic 6: ORC 409D installed


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