Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 5 out of 5)

Here is the final installment of my 5 part Stage II post. If you noticed there are some slight additions to the ER34 that I've yet to blog about. Can you spot 'em? :P

Yes there was a dyno and tuning session. I'll reserve that bit of info on a separate blog post. I have a lot of rants on that aspect.

After this part 5 work was completed, I ran into some problems with the cooling and fueling system. I'll write more on that in my coming updates. So stay tuned.....

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Pic 1: Stock versus Power FC

Pic 2: Apexi Power FC manages the ER34 now

Pic 3: Dyno time!

Pic 4: Tuning the Apexi Power FC

Pic 5: Rear view of the dyno session

Monday, March 22, 2010

A change of the HKS Super Filter Element

Pic 1: Out with the old filter element ...

Yes it's time to change the HKS filter element on the
HKS Super Power Flow DD (Direct Drive). Just a quick swap, out with the old and in with the new. It now looks bloody red eh?

Why are my filter element red? Well I've seen fakes of the filter elements in the market and they are all green. So I reckon I better be different; and thus I had been running red coloured elements since my first replacement. :)

Allrighty now, that is just a quick little update. There's more important matters to be done with the ER34. Moving on to more important stuffs later ......

Pic 2: ... and in with the new. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How low can you go?

Pic 1: Low low low Proton Wira

Spotted this Proton Wira sometime back which rides crazily low to the tarmac. It's so damn low, I think a rat is unable to pass underneath it. WTF!

I really wonder how the owner drives around the roads in Kuala Lumpur ...... surely it will NOT pass through even the slightest of speed bumps! Let's not even talk about carpark ramps.

This is the extend some people will go to look cool I guess.

Pic 2: Closer view

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toyota Unser with SR20DET

Pic 1: Take your run of the mill Toyota Unser ...

Toyota Unser is the Malaysian equivalent of the Toyota Kijang in Indonesia. It is a practical low-cost MPV built on a ladder frame chassis based off a truck. Uhmm ... ok lets not elaborate too much on that. LOL :D

So what if you like the Toyota Unser due to it's usability and relatively cheap price BUT dreads the low output and lazy 1.8-litre EFI 7K-E 4-cylinder engine?

Hmmmm.....nothing much on the Toyota engine barn that strikes your fancy? Why not check out what Nissan has to offer? This Toyota Unser owner decided to scour the Nissan stable for a suitable engine and decided on the SR20DET red top.

Pic 2: ... and plonk in a SR20DET

The 7K-E only produces 94hp and 155Nm of torque. Pretty lame for a people mover eh? The SR20DET will double that capability as it pumps out 206hp and 274Nm of torque. And that is at factory specifications; a little tweak here and there and the power level will go up pretty easily. Now we are talking proper power for a people mover!

If you're wondering more about the conversion, custom engine mounts will definitly have to be fabricated. The transmission will be from the SR20DET with its propeller shaft mated to the stock Toyota Unser propeller shaft. Durability of it could be questionable though. It will have to be road tested to guage that account.

So there you go. I find this transplant mighty interesting. :)

Pic 3: Instant power!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 4 out of 5)

Here is the fourth installment of my 5 part Stage II post.

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Pic 1: Nissan N1 versus OE water pump

Pic 2: Nissan N1 versus OE water pump

Pic 3: Nismo thermostat versus OE thermostat

Pic 4: Nismo thermostat installed!

Pic 5: Sard 265l/h fuel pump versus OE fuel pump

Pic 6: Sard 265l/h fuel pump into OE fuel pump bracket

Pic 7: Stock ER34 coil packs

Pic 8: Stock ER34 throttle body

Pic 9: Nissan N1 water pump installed!

Pic 10: Samco silicone hose

Pic 11: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ralliart Japan Pulls out of Motorsports

This is totally unrelated with anything to do with the Skyline or Nissan for that matter. But I wish to share this piece of shocking news. Ralliart have just announced that they will be pulling out of motorsports by the end of March 2010. Aftermarket parts however, should remain to carry on BUT without motorsports, I'm not too sure how the performance parts development is going to take place.

What about support to privateers running the Lancer Evolution in rallies around the globe? The poor market condition and reduction in business for Rallliart is factored in as the reason for this action.

Gosh, I hope this is not the same direction that the rest of the manufacturer Motorsport Divisions are heading onto in the land of the rising sun.

Below is the official press release from
Masao Taguchi, President of Ralliart.


弊社は1984年4月設立以来、多くの皆様に支えられながら現在までモータースポーツ関連の諸活動を行って参りましたが、一昨年来の経済状況の変化に伴 い、弊社を取り巻く経営環境も悪化し、この度、株式会社ラリーアートは2010年3月末日をもって業務を縮小することと致しました。

1. 弊社業務縮小に伴い、業務・運営を廃止するもの

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Elgrand (E51) with BNR34 wheels

Pic 1:
Elgrand with BNR34 wheels

Most associate the Nissan Elgrand as a cool VIP style people mover. Yes in fact it is actually; BUT, if you want that extra bit of sporting pretensions on an Elgrand, look no further than to lower its ride height, add in a black hood with matching black coloured front splitters AND the cream of the crop ...... BNR34 wheels. Yes, sir there you go. You've now got a bit of the GT-R pedigree in an Elgrand.

Incase, you're wondering, this picture was taken in Hong Kong. :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ultimate Racing Game Console Setup

Pic 1: Screenshot from Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain 2009

Check out the gaming setup on the below video. I wish I have one of these at home. Do note that wonderful force-feedback steering wheel and even an operational clutch pedal for gear changes is present. When coupled with a bucket seat and racing harness, I think I don't wanna leave the house man. LOL

But then again, who am I kidding? I don't even have a Play Station at home. wtf right? :(

The realism and gaming experience is top notch! That's the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain 2009. The track it's on is none other than the famous Nordschleife (That's German for Nurburgring).

I can only dream...........

Friday, March 05, 2010

For Sale: ER34 Factory Rear Spoiler

Pic 1: ER34 Rear Spoiler

Yeap, since I've upgraded my rear spoiler to the BNR34 item, there is already no need for the ER34 factory rear spoiler. I've already have 2 bumpers in my store room and I need to let go this spoiler to make more room in there. So if you're keen, shoot me an email (eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com) and we shall talk.

Pic 2: ER34 Rear Spoiler

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Clearing Up The Store Room

Pic 1: Some engine parts there

I was clearing up my store room for more space and in the process had to throw away quite a number of stuffs. Besides my junk household items, some parts got the boot. Took some pics of some of the items that got the trash treatment.

Good bye junk, you will be missed.....and hopefully the space you've given up will be put to good use. :)

Pic 2: And misc small items ...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For Sale: GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller

Pic 1: GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller

Since I am changing my factory ECU to an Apexi Power FC, there is no need for my current speed cut eliminator device. As such, I am selling off my GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller (Type A). So if you're sick of being overtaken after 180km/h and really need to rid of the factory speed limit, this is the device for you. :)

I bought this back from Japan during my visit and so yeah it's bought brand new and comes complete with the box and manual as well.

Application of this item is for most Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi & Subaru engines.

Shoot me an email (eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com) if you are interested. :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 3 out of 5)

Here is the third installment of my 5 part Stage II post.

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Pic 1: Stock turbine

Pic 2: And it's out of the engine

Pic 3: HKS GT-RS

Pic 4: HKS GT-RS

Pic 5: HKS GT-RS

Pic 6: Hang in there ... you'll be in soon.

Pic 7: Side view

Pic 8: Screamer pipe

Pic 9: Top view

Pic 10: Another view.
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