Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Accord Skyline in the making....

Pic 1: R34 headlights on a CD Accord

The other day, I came across this fifth generation Honda Accord (CD chassis) that is undergoing a conversion to a R34 Skyline look. The owner has already fitted in the front headlights and rear taillights from the R34 Skyline. Along with it I also spot the R34 GTT Altia front bumper and stock rear bumper ready to match.

Note the huge wheels that is jutting out from the wheel wells. The wheel arches has been cut to accomodate them! Those wheels looks to me like the Rays Engineering Gram Lights T57-RC. I bet the final look of the vehicle will widebody style.

Can't wait to see the final product. :)

Pic 2: R34 rear lights on the Accord

Pic 3: Check out the wheels

Monday, May 26, 2008

Oil change and new brake fluids

Pic 1: Undergoing oil change

I finally got time to service the ER34 after my trip back. It's supposed to be done right before I leave but guess timing was not right on my side. Well I guess to be serviced and be left undriven also serves not much purpose. :P

This time round, I decided to give the Motul 8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40 a try since I don't have any stocks of my regular Torco SR-1 5W-40 lying around at home. Together with an oil filter change from Nissan (Part No. 15208-53J00), I'm set to go.

Pic 2: The Motul 8100 oW-40 E-Tech

Of late, I also notice my brake pedal isn’t that 'firm' anymore. I guess it's time for a brake fluid change. Rummaging through my store, I found a bottle of Truth Endless Dot 4 Brake Fluid at home, so I might as well get my brake fluids changed too. :)

Having all these changed feels great. Finally with new blood in the system, I would 'dare' to push the ER34 a 'lil harder. Miss driving her for 3 weeks! :(

Pic 3: The Truth Endless Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Pic 4: Bleeding the brake hoses. Exhaust is bigger than a human head. :P

Sunday, May 25, 2008

For Sale: IMPUL 534S front bumper and GTT rear spoiler

I am letting go my IMPUL 534S front bumper and the original ER34 rear spoiler. If you are interested, kindly email me via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

I'm sure you know how both items look like, so no pictures are necessary.

Many thanks. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

R35 GTR Brochure

This is the most 'valuable' item I've got from my trip back. A R35 GTR brochure. Super!

Pic 1: Front cover

Pic 2: What's inside......

Pic 3: Specifications and trims.
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