Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Accord Skyline in the making....

Pic 1: R34 headlights on a CD Accord

The other day, I came across this fifth generation Honda Accord (CD chassis) that is undergoing a conversion to a R34 Skyline look. The owner has already fitted in the front headlights and rear taillights from the R34 Skyline. Along with it I also spot the R34 GTT Altia front bumper and stock rear bumper ready to match.

Note the huge wheels that is jutting out from the wheel wells. The wheel arches has been cut to accomodate them! Those wheels looks to me like the Rays Engineering Gram Lights T57-RC. I bet the final look of the vehicle will widebody style.

Can't wait to see the final product. :)

Pic 2: R34 rear lights on the Accord

Pic 3: Check out the wheels


  1. hmmm... This is a special case where it would have been better to have just bought a GTT and start modding on it... unless this dude suprises us with a great one of a kind widebody.... cant wait to see the end result..

  2. I really don't get the point of buying another different make and making it another car?

  3. i remember a putra (gold colour which has a R34 look)... anyway, one of a kind mod... hoping to see the final product too...

  4. hon'san' acc'line'?

    or should it be nis'da' sky'cord'...

    hahaha either way... weird...

  5. Well, he is the owner of the car. If he wanna convert it to look like a F430, so be it. :)

    I do hope to bump into the car again once it is done. Or I can pop by the shop that's doing the conversion if time permits. Hehehe

  6. oh man! wtf...a nissan on a honda?? thats like mating a tiger with a cow...its just wrong!

    yea im a purist. so sue me :P

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