Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Sale: HKS Stroker Kit (2,800cc) - Step 3

Uhm ..... yeah. I'm selling off my HKS 2,800cc Stroker Kit. The kit consists of HKS conrods and HKS crankshaft only. There will be no oversized pistons (87mm) with the kit. No fret, those can be procured quite easily from Japanese/American makes. You can get it from HKS, Tomei, CP, Arias, Mahle, etc...

For those that are interested, this will bolt right onto your existing RB25DET or RB26DETT engine and making it essentially a 2,800cc engine (Well if you want to be precise, it's actually 2,771cc).

Honing of the cylinder block will be required to fit in the bigger pistons so be aware of that portion.

HKS essentially made 3 versions of the stroker kit. Logically, it is named Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. Each of them cater to different power aspirations from the owners/tuners as the below list will illustrate:-
HKS 2.8L Kit Step 1 Rated 441kW(600ps)
HKS 2.8L Kit Step 2 Rated 588kW(800ps)
HKS 2.8L Kit Step 3 Rated 882kW(1200ps)

Pic 1: HKS Conrods

The one I am selling is the Step 3 version, so yes it is a very serious piece of gear and also commands serious Mariana Trench depth wallet. HKS no longer stocks these on its shelf and I am not too sure if they will make them on order thus it's going to be a pretty hard kit to find in due time.

With the stroker kit installed, the bore will be increased from 86mm to 87mm and the stroke will be increased from 73.7mm to 77.7mm.This kit provides improvements in torque during low to medium speed as required in street driving whilst also provides high horsepower output coupled with low frictional losses required for more spirited drives.

Depending in the size of the head gasket used, this piece of kit will lower the compression ratio as per the below:-
8.70 (Headgasket thickness = 1.2mm)
8.4 (Headgasket thickness = 1.6mm)
8.1 (Headgasket thickness = 2.0mm)

Pic 2: Close up of HKS Conrods

Pic 3: HKS Conrods

The HKS Conrods that are in the stroker kit are made via high pressure forging. High tensile bolts, which I believe they are from ARP judging from the engraving marks on it, are used to prevent cap opening during high inertial forces generated at high RPM loads.

The HKS Crankshaft is also made via pressure forging. It is full counter form, balanced to high tolerances where smooth revolutions are ensured. This results in loads being evenly distributed onto the metal surface, and reduces frictional loads. The crankshaft manufacturing process is completed with a special hardening process to ensure increased reliability at high RPM loads, and reduce fatigue.

Pic 4: HKS Crankshaft

Again, I need to mention that the HKS forged pistons (nickel plated & the piston surface has a final molybdenum coating) are NOT included in this sale.

So if you're itchy for high horsepower and have to get that itch scratched, shoot me an email (eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com) and we can work out a deal. Delivery to any part of the world can be arranged.

Pic 5: Close up of HKS Crankshaft

Pic 6: HKS Crankshaft


  1. Item sold to a fellow Skyline owner in Australia.

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  3. Eu Jin, how much are you asking for your Stage 3 crank & con-rod set, any damage?

    Was size piston came with the set.

    Mike from Yokohama

  4. Hi Mike, the kit has been sold already. Thank you.


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