Monday, August 31, 2009

85,000km Service

Pic 1: Time for a service

It's time for fresh fluids for the ER34 again. The vehicle is now at 85,000km and due for an engine oil change, transmission oil change and differential oil change. My last engine oil change was 5,000km ago which is approximately 5 months back. :O

Pic 2: 5 bottles of Torco SR1 10W-40

In comes my usual engine oil, Torco SR1 10W-40. This stuff works wonders for the ER34. It's not exactly cheap and sometimes I wonder should I consider a change, the cheaper Royal Purple perhaps? Hehehe

The obligatory original Nissan oil filter (Part No. 15208-53J00) was also changed.

Pic 3: Nissan oil filter (Part No. 15208-53J00)

Pic 4: 4 bottles of Redline Lightweight Shockproof

As for my transmission oil, I've decided to upgrade from the current Redline MT-90 75W-90 to the higher range Redline Lightweight Shockproof which has excellent low-temperature flow, that allows easier shifting when cold.

The Redline Lightweight Shockproof has also received rave reviews from Skyline users that have trouble shifting fast into 5th gear. Yes the dreaded 5th gear crunch. I hope this will solve it good. :)

Pic 5: Elf Gearelf 140

I've also switch my differential oil from KAAZ Powertrain Gear Oil 80W-90 to Elf Gearelf 140. I hope I made the right choice in this. Cheaper and just as effective I presume.

Pic 6: Changing the engine oil

Pic 7: Changing the transmission oil

Pic 8: Changing the differential oil

Monday, August 24, 2009

HKS Type S Intercooler Kit

Pic 1:
Excuse my poor packaging. Did this after a couple of drinks past midnight.

Yesterday was my birthday and I got myself a gift! I purchased a brand new HKS Type S Intercooler Kit from Jeff (thanks bro!). I always wanted a front mount intercooler to replace the wimpish factory side mount intercooler of the ER34.

Also have been pretty sick of cars and motorcyclist taking a peek at my front bumper after they pass the ER34. Is it obligatory to have a huge front mount intercooler on all forced induction cars??

Well finally my wish is realized. I wanted this back in June 2008. Refer this post :P

Pic 2: Opening the box

Pic 3: This is what's inside the big box

The HKS Type S Intercooler Kit (part number 1301-RN093) is one huge mother of an intercooler! Measuring 600mm (L)X 301mm (H) X 65mm (W), I believe this intercooler will dominate the whole front of the ER34. The intercooler is rated up to 450HP which is more than enough judging from my limited budget and plans for the car.

The whole kit comes with:-
1) 1 intercooler
2) 3 mandrel bent aluminum piping
3) 3 silicone hose
4) 7 hose clamps
5) 5 brackets
6) A pack of nuts and bolts

The intercooler utilize a multiple loop shape on the outer fins and a straight through design on the inner fins, thus allowing the pressurized air to quickly pass through. This clever design minimizes pressure drop allowing fast response, and maximizes cooling effect. Being a tube and fin design, this intercooler is also light in weight.

Pic 4: The intercooler

Pic 5: The three pieces of mandrel bent aluminum piping

I'm pretty sure with the enhance flow capacity and cooling efficiency, it's going to perform well over the factory units. I hope the lag (if any) is negligible.

Now got to find time to install this babe in. Am quite worried about it clearing the IMPUL 534S front bumper. Some cutting of the metal bar (what is it called?) behind the front bumper is inevitable though. I really hope it clears the front bumper without any issues at all.

Another issue is the GReddy Oil Cooler. Should I relocate it to a side mount? Hmmmm......

But before I do all this, I've got to get the ER34 engine oil changed. It's already pass it's due mileage! Damn.

Pic 6: HKS silicone hoses

Pic 7: The mounting brackets

Pic 8: Top view of the intercooler

Pic 9: Check out the welding works

Pic 10: Close up of the tube and fin design

Pic 11: Should I spray the HKS wording???

Saturday, August 22, 2009

'Takata' green IMPUL wheels on ER34??

Pic 1: Green IMPUL wheels on ER34???

Lately I've been fantasizing about having green wheels on the ER34. Of course the Volk Racing TE37 in green would be wicked but those wheels costs a fortune new or used. And I'm not about to paint a nice set of TE37 into green colour.

Thus the quest begins by looking at other alternative, i.e. Taiwanese made replica TE37s and other wheels that bears a close resemblance to it. This is where the IMPUL wheels comes in. I found a set of the IMPUL wheels (as used in the IMPUL 534S!) offshore. Cost to ship the wheels back to my home port sounds pretty reasonable thus I'm wondering whether I should take the plunge.

Now, a couple of people says I'm stupid to take off my Work Emotion XD9 wheels and plonk in green colour wheels which some people commented will look extremely riceboy (Ah Beng).

But what do you (my readers) think? Your comments (bad or good) appreciated as I'm now at a stumbling block. :(

Friday, August 21, 2009

Get together in Kota Kinabalu 18th Aug 09

Pic 1: Three BNR34s together

I was sort of touring around in Sabah the whole of last week doing some work. When I was in Kota Kinabalu, it was great as I get to meet up with fellow Skyline owners once again. It's nice to meet up with Jeffrey, Darence, Eric, Syed, Johnny and Shah. You guys have really cool rides.

It's also amazing to see 2 units of the BNR34 V-Spec II Nur parked next to each other given that there aren't that many of the Nur around; let alone 2 units together in KK. We've had a great time chatting about anything and everything and also enjoyed drooling at the cars. Ahem ...... the spins around the main road to listen to exhaust notes was exhilarating as well :P

Thank you guys and your hospitality is truly amazing. Thanks again.

Oh, next time must snap more pictures of Darence's ride; ultra rare NISMO S-Tune BNR34. Some engine bay shot would be stupendous!

Here's some of the pictures of the day. Enjoy.....

Pic 2: Some of the guys....Azlan, EJ, Syed, Jeffrey, Darence and Johnny

Pic 3: Eric's white V-Spec II Nur and Jeffrey's blue V-Spec

Pic 4: Darence's NISMO S-Tune GT-R. Saw the yummy Endless 6 pots??

Pic 5: Johnny's ER34

Pic 6: Shah's V-Spec II Nur

Pic 7: Single turbo-ed Nur

Pic 8: Syed's MX-5 Miata

Pic 9: Yes it's a forced induction Miata!

Pic 10: Jeffrey's V-Spec flanked by Eric and Shah's V-Spec II Nur

Pic 11: 4 round stove taillights aplenty that night. :P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can't get any ricer than this?

Pic 1: Hyundai Accent with scissor/wing doors next to the ER34

I was driving a Hyundai Accent (LC) with Corazon bodykit and ....... are you ready for this ............ scissor/wing doors for the past whole week. Yeap, it's as riceboy as you can get (locally we term it, "Ah Beng"). Hahaha :D

Damn it was hilarious with the doors swinging upwards; not to mention super embarrassing doing it in public. If only I can find a Lamborghini Diablo or Murcielago to park alongside it with the doors up for comparison. Now that would have been a funny sight. :P

A BNR34 in the UK was done up the same, it's really sad to see a legend like that being riced-up. :(

Well, a week with the Accent means the ER34 was not driven, gonna be away to East Malaysia next week so I guess the ER34 would have a great 2 weeks of rest off the roads. :)

Pic 2: BNR34 with scissor/wing doors

Monday, August 10, 2009

A sunny afternoon gathering

Pic 1: Some of the guys....

Last Sunday instead of doing an early morning drive to my favorite hill roads, we've decided to hold a small gathering among enthusiasts for a chit chat/get together session. The turnout was pretty decent although a couple of guys can't make it last minute.

There were:-

7 Nissan Skyline GTT
1 Nissan Silvia S15
1 Nissan Silvia S13
1 Toyota Supra
1 VolksWagen Golf GTi

Pic 2: Amir's Supra. Love the clean look.

It was good to meet up with some of the guys again; and some of the newer guys/owner. There were some really cool rides that day. I'll leave the pictures to do most of the talking. Suffice to say, we have the big whp guys, the widebody chaps and everything else in between. :P

It's good finally to see the alter ego of my white ER34. Alan came with his recently kitted black IMPUL 534S ER34. Now we have 2 units of the same kit roaming the roads of Klang Valley. One white, the other black. One angel, the other devil. Hehehehe :P

Here's some pictures of the day. Enjoy.

Pic 3: The angel IMPUL 534S

Pic 4: ... and the devil IMPUL 534S

Pic 5: Zul's sleepy eyes RPS13

Pic 6: Alvin's widebody ER34. Massive work done on this beast.

Pic 7: Arun's S15. It goes as fast at it looks.

Pic 8: AlvinT's faithful touge ER34

Pic 9: Steve's ER34. Lovely NISMO wheels there...

Pic 10: This is what 400whp looks like

Pic 11: Azmir's newly purchased ER34. Welcome to the club bro. :)

Pic 12: George's widebody ER34. Check out those massive offset wheels. :O
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