Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve Dual Drive

Just got hold of the Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve Dual Drive (Part No. 70015). This is a kit set from Blitz meant for the ECR33 but will also fit the ER34. It comes complete with the aluminium piping to replace the factory plasticky look-a-like unit. I must say it looked very nice when I lay it by in the engine bay of the ER34.

Should I or should I not? Kapiiisshhhhh! *Grins*

Pic 1: The Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve Dual Drive kit set

Pic 2: The BOV itself

Below are some info I pulled off the net:-

The Blow off valve is essential to all turbocharged vehicles. The purpose of the BLITZ Blowoff Valve Dual Drive is to relieve compressor surge without reducing compressor speed. It controls boost pressure that is built up by the turbo and vents it into the atmosphere when the car is not under load (in between shifts). This prevents pressure from backing up into the compressor housing, causing the turbo impeller blade to rapidly stop or even worse, to spin backwards (compressor surge or backspin). Doing so can be potentially destructive to the turbine wheel and shaft. Repeated stress over time can cause eminent damage to the turbo charger and eventually lead to turbo failure. A blowoff valve is actuated by pressure changes only, ensuring quick valve responses and complete closures at idle. The BLITZ blowoff valve not only improves performance and response, but also increases the life of the turbocharger.

Pic 3: Check out the gaskets. Like new eh?

Pic 4: This is how it will look like fitted

Pic 5: A closer view

Pic 6: From another angle


  1. VTA or re-circulate?

    If I am not wrong, Blitz BOV is known to leak at high boost.

    For me, Greddy Type-RS is the best. You can meet me at Restoran Subhani if you want to hear the sound produced by Greddy BOV, VTA, hehe...


  2. Hi bro! Good to see you today.

    Leak? That I dunno la. It's a VTA of course.

    I already have a HKS SQV on the ER34. I also dunno why I go and buy this part. LOL :D

  3. Go for it bro.... It will looks and sounds great I believe....

  4. Maybe you like the aluminum piping. But don't the SQV sound better?

  5. agree with wolverine. greddy type rs is better.. i've used sqv but then changed it back to modified stock bov..

    why am i still reading ur blog when i dont own a skyline anymore... i miss my car (feezuha elya)...

  6. you can also buy recirculate kit for greddy type rs bov... :-)

  7. The original piping is not plastic. It's just regular painted metal and it is heavy.

  8. To me SQV sure do sounds better. :)

    Ben, thanks. I've amended the post.

  9. Hi Eujin,

    Your engine bay is so damn clean. How did you maintain that?

  10. Oh. I see. I used to did that every 2 weeks but life getting busier and didn't wipe it for like months already. hahaha


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