Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How times have changed ...

These set of pictures were taken about 1 ~ 2 months ago by wifey when I was tinkering with some 'toys' on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Yes, instead of helping out with housework I was busy getting my hands all greasy. Chuckles.

Pic 1: Tinker tinker

Pic 2: ....tinkering

Hey, at least I'm at home and not going berserk on the touge roads. LOL :D

But of course priorities will definitely change with the arrival of baby Alicia last week. I'll be busy with day to day needs and pampering of the cute 'lil girl. Hehehe

I think my ER34 Project will also be on hold for at least for a couple of months until I settle down stuffs in the house and at the workplace. I hope I still have the will to get the project done up for the car as time and financial is of essence now. Most of my parts (some minor parts have yet to be procured tho) are ready to be installed and together they will make a little more serious whp in the ER34. The interior will spot some minor changes too. :P

Pic 3: Jack-in-the-box? These has got to be on hold now....

But for now, my parts bin is chucked into a corner just chilling around. The contents must be wondering whether they are gonna make it into the ER34 or be posted for sale to fellow Skyline owners around the globe. Maybe I'll post up the items one at a time and gauge some response. :)

Furthermore, the ER34 has sort of been relegated as a 'furniture' in the parking lot. I haven't driven her for more than 2 weeks already and I foresee that situation to linger on for quite a fair bit. I think I might need to shop around for a car cover to keep her warm. Any recommendations? :)

Errrrrr yes, the ER34 is sort of officially not a daily driver nor a weekend car. If I live in a huge mansion, I'll park her in the living room next to my sofa. LOL :D

But fret not my driving friends, after a "Drive It Like You Stole It" (DILYSI) hiatus of 5 months (God! Has it been that long?!?!), I promise I will find time to go for my drives again. The DILYSI session shall be back on track soon! :)

And to the bro that's selling off his blue monster, wwwwhhhhyyyy?!?! I need a crazy dude to pressure me when we go touge again. Grrrr.....

I promise I'll go slower and drive more sanely, afterall Baby Alicia is waiting for me at home. So don't sell can ar? :-)

Pic 5: Baby Alicia. Ain't she super duper cute?


  1. Oh... She is so cute and beautiful.
    Congratulations! Now in New phase of becoming a Daddy. :P

    Treasure every moment you have with her, and believe me they grew up real fast. When they are 3 to 4 you will know it :D.

  2. Thanks Vince. Yes new phase in life already. :)

    Noted, will spend my avail time with her and watch her grow up. She's damn cute lor....

  3. 1 come 4 to go..... hehehehehe......

    Damn cute leh.... Congrate bro....!

  4. She's so cute... a combination of you & your wife. Congrats bro!

    and yea, you should drive more sanely and enjoy the time to see ur lil one grows up.

  5. Congrats:) Wor... CF Wing Mounts, *haha* when going to fix it XD.

  6. Drive careful mate. For ur family's sake. Same here.

  7. EJ - Off coz I remember lah bro... In case you forgot one, I'm always there to remind you.... hahahahaha... Hope I didn't put any preassure arrr...... hehehehehe....

  8. Thanks bro Isma. Advice noted.

    Prince, most likely gonna sell off the cf wing mounts.

    Steven, yeap. You got to be careful in your Japanese Ferrari too. :P

    Toyol, no pressure bro. Coz 5 is way too many. LOL

  9. Congratulations to you & Ashley! Bro, u have a cute little girl now. "Ingatlah Yang Tersayang" U know what I mean :p

  10. yo bro... ur lil baby is so cute!! hahahaha..... yea yea.... sell sell sell.... :p :p :p

  11. Cheers Jason. :)

    siukeung, hahaha thanks yea she is a cutie! Don't sell la....aiyo!

  12. question;-

    1. u do the cleaning ur self???

    2. the baby is dammmmmmm cute!! urs?

    3. can u clean my car? hahaha

  13. 1. No. Not really. Hahaha

    2. Yes, she's my baby. :)

    3. No. Thanks. LOL


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