Friday, December 04, 2009

E23 BMWline Skyline

Pic 1: E23 BMWline Skyline - front

Bro fooyc took these set of pictures and it's a mighty interesting conversion. If my eyes are correct this is an E23 BMW 7 series with a R34 rear end and a Mustang-look front end. At the rear, it has the R34 rear lights, boot lid, rear bumper and reverse lights! Up front it is made to mimic the Ford Mustang and even has the hood scoop on. Wowzers!

Yes, indeed there are some spicy threesome automotive porn going here. Hahaha

It even has the 730Li badge at the rear which I believe comes from the E65 7 series. Does that means it have a 3,000cc heart? I see a bits of an intercooler peeking up front. I wonder if it bears a 2JZ-GTE heart. Now that would be something awesome.

Fooyc, you didn't' take a closer peek? :P

Oh, yea it's probably related to the E36 BMWline BNR34 GT-R. Hehehe :D

Pic 2: E23 BMWline Skyline - rear


  1. eujin that is a e23(older than e32 7series), also modify like this, no matter colour, front and rear...and really confusing... but from the front and rear windscreen is look like an e23

  2. j-e34 yea man. I was very confused too. I was also thinking it could be the E23 due to the sloping front end design.

    You're the BMW expert, I'll change the title. Thanks man! :)

  3. seems like EJ's blog is filled with fake skylines hahaha

  4. EJ, my wife already say I sot, take pepur's car peechur for u...LOL...U wanna see this thing, next time you pop by my area, buzz me. I know where the car sleeps.

  5. fooyc, your wife thought you became a sniper is it? LOL

  6. Jin, have you seen an Acura Legend transform to R34? Here the link:

  7. Prince, those US chaps sure are extreme. LOL


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