Sunday, December 06, 2009

ER34 is all MINE!

Pic 1: A home to call your own?

A person doesn't really own a house until it is fully paid up with the financing institution. It's a sad reality but yes, that is what we have to contend with here in Malaysia especially when housing loans can stretch way up to 30 years. You spent almost all of your working life sweating your butt off just to pay for a place to call home.

Similarly a vehicle is the same thing. It isn't really yours until the loan is settled. As the few readers (!) that read my blog would know, I am counting my days to fully pay up for the ER34's loan.

Last week, I took a dramatic move (financially to me at least) to pay up my car loan 3 months earlier. I can foresee that I will be pretty busy with work and also the new arrival to the family comes January 2010. As such I thought perhaps clearing up the loan, getting all the paperwork done and all the running around this month would be a good idea.

Pic 2: My piggy bank have seen better days

Of course my bank account couldn't agree with me. Its protest fell onto deaf ears so to speak. Well sometime, you just got to screw the logic and do what you think should be done, eh?

So anyway, I have to check my settlement amount with the financing institution and remit the cash over. Loads of phone calls were made to cancel standing instruction, confirm payment, getting the release letter done and also have it couriered to the nearest bank branch before I could finally catch my breath. A couple of trips to a couple of banks later and I finally have my ER34 release letter in hand. :)

So now I've got to head to the Jabatan Pengakutan Jalan (JPJ) (the Malaysian equivalent Department of Transport) to change the ER34 ownership name. My trip to JPJ last Thursday proved unfruitful and a total waste of time. Somehow, the computer system was offline the whole bloody day. Yeap, this is not the first time this has happened. In fact it's a common occurrence. So common in fact, they already have nice proper signage to state that all their computers are offline. WTF!

Do you know that system also have the tendency to go offline especially a day or two before festive seasons? I wonder if it's done purposely to make life difficult for the masses. ?!?!

I wish Namewee could do a video about this like how he made a mockery out of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) (Malaysian equivalent of the Department of Energy) and post it up in youtube. Should farked them upside down publicly and post it up in youtube for their poor service level. LOL :D

Pic 3: Number 1206. Only 257 more to go.

Back to the topic, I had to make another trip to JPJ the very next day. I reached at 10:50am and guess what? I got number 1463! The current number in queue is 1206! There's like 257 people ahead of me. WTF!

This influx of people is certainly not good for me. Compounded by the fact that it's a Friday where everyone is rushing to get cars registered for the weekend; plus Friday prayers means a 2 hours lunch break. Damn!

Pic 4: Check out the bored look of some of the guys in queue

I think more than 5 friends actually asked me why am I doing it myself instead of using a runner to get it done. Well, it's a lot of hassle yes but I guess it's worth it for the experience of getting the car under your own name whereby every nut, bolt, screw, shim, rubber hose, etc.... belongs to you!

The actual process is extremely fast. When my turn comes, it only took like 3 minutes to get it processed at the counter. And you've got to be in line for 4 bloody hours just to get the financing institution name canceled on the registration card.

Pic 5: Doesn't belong to the bank anymore. :)

Now that the ER34 is ALL mine (insert evil laugh here), what shall be done with it? Project the car to my wish list or just leave it as it is? Leaving it alone would mean a huge parts sale for you guys. Hahaha


  1. congrats for owning your Er34! I still have to wait another 29 years before i own a house =_="

  2. Congrats Jin, any celebration after that? *haha* About the JPJ it reminds me when I did my passport, DAMN. Anyway is that Namewee's blog is a real want?

  3. EJ...i envy u, but congratulations. my opinion is, keep it as it is first. u don't know what u have to spend on the kid best save some for her.

    In the meantime, i'll take the parts off u...hahahhahahhahahha.....

  4. I want to Drive a Skyline too! But Pokai lol

  5. Thank you guys. :)

    theeggyolk, yes and so does everyone else that have a loooong housing loan to pay off. :(

    Prince, no celebration. Just a sense of happiness. Hahaha
    Yes, Namewee's blog is for real.

    bro azmir1, am definitely keeping it. Hard to part with it after what I've done. Maintained her pretty well on all aspects. :)

    Jimmy T, start saving. Hehehe

  6. 200 more to wait..zzz.. i dont like such situation..
    the service should be faster.. =)

  7. EJ,

    Congrats and I too envy you bro. Now can spend endlessly on the car hahaha

  8. The service... only one way to make things go faster... Bribing=.=
    Malaysia Boleh!

    Pfft. Anyway, thanks for droppin' by my blog. :D

  9. Congrats on your ER34!... Bro, the malay used to say 'Sediakan payung sebelum Hujan'... I bet u knows what it means... Financially I mean =) for your new coming small one =)

  10. Fir, spent endlessly? No way man. Got to budget for more important priorities.

    Mabel, bribing? Buy queue number from earlier people? Hahaha

    Thanks Nikel.

    Isma, yes! Got to save for rainy days bro. That is indeed very true. Little one coming soon enough. :)

  11. it looks like the hospital there....hahaha

    maybe system down that day
    this thing other people also cannot avoid..hahhaa

  12. Nic, the system was down the previous day. :)

    Thanks Steven! How's your ride coming along? Shoot me some pics la bro.

  13. congrats on the FULL OWNERSHIP!

  14. congratulations on the "BATAL" stamp on your car grant, they stamped it twice just to make sure :D

    and good luck on your imminent fatherhood :)

    - Anas

  15. EJ: I am still waiting parts for my NSX to be ready to be sent off from US. Just got my BMW E60 back last friday! Enjoy riding.

  16. Thanks Hansc.

    Anas, yea double sure. LOL

    Steven, cool. Must be turning it into a monster. E60 are excellent machines. Drove the 530i and 530d and both are awesome!

  17. Bro,
    Congratulations! :)

    I respect a hardworking person like u who earns money the right way and get what you want the right way :)

  18. GRATZ man! Happy for ya, my GT-R is min in 5years...

    Have a look at mine.

    Cheers Dan from Sweden

  19. Thanks Hamzah. :)

    Dan, your BNR34 looks good. Seems to be in pretty good condition. Have the tuning bug bit you yet? Hehehe

  20. No. no bug yet im still in the "keeping it stock" feeling, but some nismo parts would be nice. Cheers

  21. congrats bro!!!!!! now, give the car to me for my b'day nxt year!!


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