Friday, May 24, 2013

BNR34 Multi Function Display (MFD) into the ER34

Pic 1: The Multi Function Display (MFD) set

Been wanting to get the Multi Function Display (MFD) off the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34) into my ER34 for the longest time. Finally I got it done and boy does it totally transform the interior of the car. Those triple meters are removed and in goes the MFD which fits perfectly on the dashboard. 

There would be a bit of wiring to be done but nothing too major as wiring diagrams are available off the internet. And in my case, my set already come with the proper wirings all done and labelled by the Japanese chap I got it off from. So fitment wise was a bit easier.

With those trick MFD displays, the ER34 now looks a tad more modern and the most important thing is that I don't need those external gauges as it displays:-

Boost pressure
Throttle position
Injector duty
Oil temperature
Water temperature
Exhaust temperature
Intake temperature

Well, for now I only have the first five parameters displayed as I do not have sensors for the exhaust temperature and intake temperature. Perhaps one day I'll hook those up to complete up the display.

My MFD is off a late model R34 GT-R, hence it uses the Toshiba LCD screen instead of the earlier model Sharp LCD screens. Should be much more robust as the Sharp LCD screen tend to develop display problems due to age. 

Below are some pictures that were taken during the install.  

Pic 2: The Multi Function Display (MFD) set 

Pic 3: The Multi Function Display (MFD) unit

Pic 4: The Multi Function Display (MFD) cover

Pic 5: The Multi Function Display (MFD) wirings and sockets

Pic 6: Triple meter and AC vents are removed

Pic 7: Wiring it into the ER34 wiring harness

Pic 8: Wiring it into the ER34 wiring harness

Pic 9: Wiring work

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