Monday, November 16, 2009

For Sale: Hayashi Racing Interspeed 18X9.5JJ+15

Pic 1: Hayashi Racing Interspeed

Center locking wheels, i.e.wheels with a single lug nut is the ultimate in race car look/feel. Many have dreamed of having a single lug nut instead of normal 5 lugs on their rides. The trouble is that it only can be found on real race cars and it's an extreme rarity on road going cars.

Well, I have an extremely rare brand new Hayashi Racing Interspeed center locking wheel for sale. I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY unit in Malaysia. In fact it's also very rare in it's country of origin, Japan.

Kind of look like BBS LM wheels too eh?

These were made a while ago in limited numbers and are meant for the BNR32, BCNR33 and BNR34. They are all round 18"X9.5JJ offset +15.

These wheels come with an adapter to convert the factory 5 lug nuts to a single lug nut. The cool part is that it even comes with its own wrench to tighten the lug nut.

Pic 2: Tool set

Due to it's rarity and exclusivity, it's not a cheap set of gear. If you think that brand new Volk Racing TE37 or Nismo LM GT-4 are expensive, so are these. Do contact me via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you're serious in considering these set of wheels for your ride.

Pic 3: 5 lugs to single nut adapter

Pic 4: Interspeed

Pic 5: Centre lock nut!

Pic 6: Inside of the wheel

Pic 7: This is how it looks like mounted

Pic 8: The mounting procedures


  1. nice piece of rims! Dude, u got any frens that are passionate in NSX?

  2. Steven, what have you got for NSX? :P

  3. nice rims u hv there bro...these would look wicked on my RX8

  4. merciful fate, the offset fits the RX-8?

  5. nice nice nice rim!!!! this offset my fit my car also hehe can pinjam pinjam use ah kakaka

  6. j-E34, sure can ......... after you bank in cash to my account first. Hehehe :D

  7. how much is the rental ah ... and provide spacer for 120?? kaka... 9.5" all round buy tyre also die d kaka... but really really nice item... keep for own use la hehe


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