Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RB engine tattoos and a built R32 GTS4

Pic 1: Jon's R32 GTS4

Just when you thought you're one crazy mofo that's so deep into Skylines and everything about cars; you've got to think again.

Fellow Skyline owner Jon Beaucher from New Hampshire, United States gave new meaning to being a Skyline fanatic. With his permission, I'm publishing his tattoos of his automotive passion on my blog for you guys to admire.

Pic 2: Jon's R32 GTS4

With the 6 pistons and conrods off the RB26DETT as reference, he used his left arm as a canvas to showcase his love for the Skyline. RB oil pump gears are thrown in for good measure and the cream of the art is the topping with a T04Z turbine. These at the moment are still not done yet. Jon's gonna take a little break before completing this tattoo masterpiece.

Before pics of the tattoo, let's talk about Jon's ride for a bit.

Jon owns a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTS4 (HNR32) and have done extensive work on the motor. I think he did most of the work himself as he is Nissan Technician by trade. The HNR32 is now running a built RB26DETT. It has amongst others:-

JE pistons
Eagle conrods
ARP main, rod and head studs
Cometic metal gasket
N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
GReddy 264 degree camshafts
Power Enterprise timing belt
JUN crank collar
ACL race bearings (main and rod)
ATI super damper

The RB26DETT's GReddy twin turbos have since been ditched and will be replaced with a Comp Turbo 72mm ceramic triple ball bearing CT4372 turbine with an MX wheel and 0.84AR exhaust housing. The turbine will be mounted on a custom manifold flowing the exhaust gasses back via a 3.5inch custom exhaust pipe. A Tial 60mm wastegate vents off excess air to the atmosphere.

Pic 3: The RB26DETT - those twins turbos have been swapped for a huge single

A GReddy front mount intercooler with custom piping takes care of the charged air. A TIAL 50mm blow off valve vents off excess air. Fueling is done via 2 Walbro 255lph in-tank pumps feeding a custom dual feed rail and feeds the engine via 760cc injectors with a Fuel Lab regulator.

Engine management is done via an Apexi Power FC with dual Z32 AFM. Power is translated to the transmission via a Nismo Gmax flywheel and RPS 6 puck clutch.

You might think the work is more of less done BUT it's still in the middle of a complete setup. Once done the motor is expected to pump out 800whp at 35psi with C16 racegas and 500-550 whp on pumpgas at 18psi. This is one hell of a built and Jon is one hell of a Nissan enthusiast. He also have a built Nissan 240SX sitting in his garage. But that's another story alltogether. :)

Thanks Jon for allowing me to share your tatts and built with my blog readers. Cheers and all the best to you mate.

*thumbs up*

Pic 4: RB26 pistons outlines

Pic 5: RB oil pump gears

Pic 6: RB26 pistons with shades added

Pic 7: T04Z Turbine outline drawn

Pic 8: T04Z turbine shaded

Pic 9: Almost done

Pic 10: Jon's new Comp CT4372 turbine. Yes, it's that HUGE!


  1. wow... this guy is serious.... nicely done...

  2. Thanks guys.... Hopefully the tattoo will be done soon and I'll send him some pics to update the blog... But even moreso I hope the skyline is done soon and making massive power
    peace out skyline fanatics

  3. Awesome! respect.. :)
    Ive got a similar'ish (smaller & less obvious) one... but nobody seen it :)

  4. Russ, time to bring it out to the limelight. :)

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