Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Injectors oh injectors.....

Pic 1:
Injectors galore!!!

Injectors are what feeds the engine with fuel. I've had in many instances just sat there thinking to myself do I really need bigger cc injectors for my ER34 project. I have a general idea of what I want to do with the RB25DET but the injectors are something I can't really decide and put my finger on.

The stock ER34 injectors have a volumetric flow rate of 370cc/min. That would means that it will flow fuel at 35.2lb/hour.

Assuming if one targets 420bhp out of the engine, looking at 0.5 Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and a maximum injector duty cycle of 98%, one would require injectors that flows 35.7lb/hr or 375cc/min.

That means that the stock injectors will only support 420bhp up to a safe level. Running 100% injector duty cycle is of course possible but will only support minute bhp gain, thus it would not be worth the risk.

Ideally I would love to have slightly bigger injectors to be on the safe side, perhaps a minimum of 440cc injectors whereby I can run at 90% injector duty cycle and it'll be extremely safe. OR I can go for even higher cc just in-case I struck Toto/4D and can splurge on the car. LOL :)

Btw, SARD only makes 650cc and 800cc
top feed high impedance injectors for the ER34. Just in-case, you know .... you got itchy hands like me.


  1. well maybe 410bhp would good for what injector you have now.. LoL

    but remember that when you upgrade your injector means you would have a new fuel pump as well ;)

    420bhp means it is about 300whp? what i got is all stock and it is producing about 300 to 310whp...

    so bro.. you need to get higher then that go for 480bhp LoL


  2. Sakakida, I have a SARD fuel pump lying around at home. :P

    Assuming a 20% drivetrain loss that would be about 340whp.

    480bhp? Whoa, I am not about to mess with the internals purely because I don't have the funds to do it. :(

  3. assuming u will not be running the full 420hp all the time. i think the stock injector will do the job just fine. my 2 sen la..

  4. Zul, you're right mate. I reckon too. Unless higher bhp is desired that is.

  5. i thought it was 30% :) well decided which injector to use? i know you won't run away without touching the injector..


  6. Looking at the state of my piggy bank, looks like the injectors are one thing I had to pass. ECU is of a bigger priority. :)

  7. agree with you man, your hardware is only as good as your software.

    spending on the ECU will definitely give you a bigger bang for your dollar.

    i too have a set of 445cc injectors lying in the tuner's warehouse collecting dust, sigh :(

  8. Wow, so colourful! Nice one. Btw EJ, u got fren driving NSX? Me driving one, maybe can share some knowledge.

  9. CCC, time to wipe the dust off those injectors man. :)

    Steven, actually I do have a friend with a NSX. He got it new when it was launched. But unfortunately he just sold it a couple of months back. Got a good offer for it as it's practically like new. Hardly driven at all.

    Where are you located btw? E-mail me.


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