Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inheritance - Nissan GT-R Short Film

This is a short film featuring the Nissan GT-R. The plot is this:-

A family gathers to read their father's will, but his final wish forces them into a high speed race. Will a Nissan GT-R give the estranged daughter Emily the edge she needs to earn her inheritance?

A Dylan Osborn film written by Sarah Haskins.
Starring Victoria Haynes, Patrick Flynne, Sanam Erfani, Josh Lubin-Levy, Sarah-Doe Osborne, and Chuck McMahon.
Director of photography Scott Uhlfelder.
Produced by Seth Low-Tufo.
Consulting producer Catherine Schuler.
Original score by Eliot Gray Fisher.

This is well worth the view, I think it's an excellent film with superb cinematography especially the driving/race portion on country roads.


  1. Lol good vid.. I'm eager to see if Porche has any answer to this.


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