Sunday, July 26, 2009

For Sale: HKS Oil Cooler Kit for BNR34

Pic 1: BNR34 HKS Oil Cooler Kit

I've got a set of HKS Oil Cooler Kit meant for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. The cooler has 15 rows and the kit comes with steel braided hoses, aeroquip fittings, sandwich plate and built in thermostat.

Interested? Let me know then .....

Pic 2: Steel braided hoses

Pic 3: Aeroquip fitings

Pic 4: HKS Sandwich plate

Pic 5: HKS Sandwich plate

Pic 6: HKS Sandwich plate

Pic 7: This is how it looked like fully setup

Pic 8: The Oil Cooler

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For Sale: Trust - Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley

Pic 1: Trust-Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley

I have for sale the Trust-Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley aka GReddy Cam Sprocket. I am selling it as a set with an inlet and exhaust cam pulley. The pulleys are used to adjust the inlet and exhaust cam timing and are especially useful if you are running an aftermarket camshaft.

Changing the cam timing can shift the power band up or down the rev range, to suit your driving needs. Adjustments can be done on a very fine and accurate scale via the adjustable cam pulleys.

The Trust-Greddy pulleys are made entirely from aluminum thus saving weight and reducing rotational inertia as opposed to the standard pulleys. This allows your car to rev up slightly quicker – in the same principle as a lightweight flywheel does. The pulley is anodised to prevent wear in an attractive blue colour. Of course, these will look great in your engine bay! :P

Unlike other designs, these cam pulleys uses five bolts to secure them. This minimises the chance of the cam wheel slipping fractionally, putting your car out of tune.

The pulley fits RB26DETT, RB25DET and RB20DET engines. Let me know if you are interested.

Pic 2: Inlet cam pulley

Pic 3: Exhaust cam pulley

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Sale: JUN High Flow Oil Pump

Pic 1: JUN High Flow Oil Pump - Front

I have for sale a JUN High Flow Oil Pump. JUN developed the high flow oil pumps for the RB26DETT which may lack of oil quantity during high revolutions. With a tuned engine on high revolutions, the lack of oil may become a serious issue. JUN designed new gears in the oil pumps to increase oil flow quantity to 125% more than the factory item.

The flow rate (litres/minute) as below:-
600rpm - 4.4 (Std) | 5.5 (JUN)
2,000 rpm - 15.2 (Std) | 19.5 (JUN)
6,000 rpm - 46.7 (Std) | 58.9(JUN)

JUN High Flow Oil Pump are reputed to be the best out there especially compared to the popular N1 Oil Pump. Let me know if you are keen.

Pic 2: JUN High Flow Oil Pump - Rear

Pic 3: JUN Machine Shop engraving

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Sale: SARD Fuel Rail and SARD 1,000cc Injectors

Pic 1: SARD fuel rail delivery pipe

I have for sale SARD fuel rail delivery pipe and SARD 1,000cc injectors (195500-3650).

fuel rail delivery pipe is made from aluminum with gold anodized finishing. The fuel delivery pipe provides an easier installation of larger volume injectors for high horsepower engine which requires an increase in fuel quantity.

Pic 2: SARD fuel rail delivery pipe

To complement the above, I've also SARD 1,000cc injectors (195500-3650) for sale. These are low impedance top-feed injectors. Great as replacement for factory RB26DETT 444cc injectors. The injector are made by DENSO for SARD thus the DENSO stamp on the injector body.

This combo is a must if you are aftering higher horse power. Will only sell as a set. Let me know if you are interested.

Pic 3: SARD 1,000cc injectors

Pic 4: SARD 1,000cc injector (195500-3650)

Pic 5: SARD fuel rail delivery pipe with SARD 1,000cc injectors

Pic 6: SARD fuel rail delivery pipe with SARD 1,000cc injectors

Sunday, July 19, 2009

DILYSI #15: Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: Two white ER34s

My last Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) was 2 months ago and I thought that'll be it for quite a while due to other more pressing commitments. It was kinda revived for my cousin Joshua who's in town for his holidays from the UK. He wanted to see what touge is like thus none other is than Frasiers Hill was the destination.

It was an early Saturday morning that we choose to go thus many of the regulars can't make it. Sunday would be a better day definatly for all. :)

Pic 2: Two white ER34s

Anyway, only Alvin (with Woay Chee riding shotgun) any myself went for the drive. Faris was supposed to join us with his newly purchased ER34 but a flat battery that fateful morning got him stranded. Hope all is well now. :)

Traffic on a Saturday morning was much denser than Sunday, next time should stick to a Sunday drive. Hahaha

Pic 3: Alvin right at my tail

The ER34 felt 'different' from my last drive. It was sort of under steering a bit on fast sweeping bends. A couple of times, I veered too much of the next lane with oncoming traffic! Overall, it was a fair mix of fast bits and slower sections. I tried to refrain from going too hardcore due to my 16 years old cousin on board. :P

Pic 4: Coppers!!

We ran into to a couple of cops enroute. First car was a Perodua Kancil whereby I blasted past it in 2nd gear and upshift next to it as soon as it turns off the main road. That was super fun!! The second cop was in a Proton Waja crawling at a snails pace. I had to brake to about 50km/h and cruise beside it for the photo above by Woay Chee. Good shot bro. That was really fun too especially giving the car gas after the photograph. Lucky, we were not chased by the cop. :P

Pic 5: Alvin going over the fallen tree

Traffic cleared tremendously once we reach the road leading to The Gap. Now the real fun begins. The road was practically deserted save for a couple of cars off and on. Funny thing is we ran into another fallen tree that sprawled across the road (there was another fallen tree in DILYSI #14). There were quite a lot of damp stretch up Frasiers Hill and the TCS was working overtime trying to keep the rear in check. We didn't stay too long up in Frasiers Hill. As soon as we've had our usual Western breakfast up there, we head back downhill towards Kuala Lumpur as I've got some matters to attend too.

It's mad but this 180km round trip from home and back costs me 3/4 of the petrol tank. wtf!

Here's some small clips that my cousin took with his iPhone

Video 1: Uphill at The Gap

Video 2: Downhill at The Gap

Pic 6: My cousin Joshua

Pic 7: Alvin going up Frasiers Hill

Pic 8: ER34 charging uphill

Pic 9: Nice bend

Pic 10: Love this pic by Woay Chee

Pic 11: ER34 'climbing' uphill

Pic 12: Alvin's ER34

Pic 13: ER34 about to head down from Frasiers Hill from the control gate

Pic 14: Open wide now...

Pic 15: Butt shot

Pic 16: Butt shot

Pic 17: Parked at the bridge

Pic 18: Parked at the bridge

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A wet lap in SIC with Super GT cars

Would like to share this video I took of a wet lap in Sepang International Circuit with the GT500 and GT300 cars during the Super GT Round 4 in Sepang International Circuit last month. Cars were sliding and spinning when the heavens decided to open up. Yeap, those cars were all on slicks when they hit the track.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nicely modded CBA-R35

Here's some pictures I took of a nicely modded Super Black CBA-R35.

Pic 1: Front 3/4 shot

Pic 2: BBS LM wheels - 255/40/ZRF20 Bridgestone Potenza RE070R - front

Pic 3: BBS LM wheels - 285/35/ZRF20 Bridgestone Potenza RE070R - rear

Pic 4: Fujitsubo Exhaust

Pic 5: Mine's carbon fibre rear spoiler

Pic 6: Carbon fibre rear skirt

Pic 7: Diff cooler at the rear

Pic 8: Carbon fibre side skirts

Pic 9: Mine's carbon fibre grille

Pic 10: Rear 3/4 shot
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