Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gloss Black Nismo LM-GT4

So I've finally decided on the colour to paint the LM-GT4s, and it is going to be gloss black. Here are some pictures of the finished wheels. I reckon with black wheels and some nice shiny gold calipers under it, it'll be smashing. 

Can't wait to get it fitted on the car. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done within a week. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Painting the Nismo LM-GT4 Wheels

Here's some pics of the Nismo LM-GT4 Wheels being prepped up for paint. Extra care is done to make sure that the original decals inside the wheel aren't painted over.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nismo LM-GT4 Wheels for the ER34

It's unbelievable but I've been keeping this set of Nismo LM-GT4 wheels for the past 8 months. In these 8 months, it just sat there in the corner of my office and I was uncertain to actually use it for my ER34 or to sell if off. 

The major hesitation of fitting these wheels on is that it'll make my brakes look small. My BIOT 345mm rotors up front and BIOT 322mm rotors filled up my current Work Emotion XD9 wheels perfectly. Nismo LM-GT4 wheels are designed to clear huge big brake kits hence it have ample space which inadvertently makes my brake kit look puny in the sea of space inside. On the other hand, these wheels looked pretty awesome! Pretty tough decision which took 8 months for an execution .....

It's pretty hard to find Nismo LM-GT4 wheels especially in GT-R offsets and also this FR offset. I got this set shipped back from the land of the rising sun way back then. The set I have measures 18" X 8.5J+30 for the front and 18" X R9.5J+38 for the rear. As evident in this picture, it's finished in the original white colour. Now, white wheels on a white car isn't exactly my taste so it's got to be in another shade. I've talked and dreamed about funky colours like TE37 Mag blue, TE37 Purple and LM-GT4 Gloss Black.

It's now time to put it to good use and I'll be updating soon on what I'm gonna do with the wheels. :)

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