Monday, January 05, 2009

Fixed! Front tie rods and caster arm bush

Pic 1: The Paraut and Nissan parts

As a follow-up to my previous blog entry on "Loose front tie rod and leaky caster arm", I've finally got it all fixed.

For my replacement parts, I've seriously considered purchasing aftermarket adjustable caster arm to replace mine but took a step back in fear of harshness and/or noise as the ER34 is driven on a daily basis. It's not a weekend car nor do I drift the vehicle. Hmmm......

So what parts did I get?? Here it is.....

1) Paraut tie rod
2) Paraut tie rod end
3) Nissan rubber bushing for Nissan R32/R34/etc...

After installation, I took a spin around the block and all seems to be fine. Got my alignment redone and thankfully it's now solved. :)

PS. If you need these parts, gimme an e-mail.
(local or overseas readers welcomed)

Pic 2: Paraut tie rods

Pic 3: Paraut tie rod end

Pic 4: Nissan bearing

Pic 5: Old tie rod (tie rod end are removed)

Pic 6: Leaking caster arm bush (replacement next to it)

Pic 7: Old tie rod

Pic 8: Old tie rod end (Note cracked bushing)

Pic 9: New tie rod and tie rod end (RHS)

Pic 10: New tie rod and tie rod end (LHS)


  1. coool! now can DILYSI again la eh kekekeke =p

  2. i sure will need these later... installed a kazama tie rod end.. and most probably will wear down soooon...

  3. bro, what was the damage like?

  4. bro joethurr, gimme a ring. Don't wanna post prices here la. :P

  5. I am having the same problem with my GTT - wobbly front wheel. Just had it checked yesterday and it's the same tie rod and caster leak issue. Can I find out where you got the parts from? Was it from Tan Chong? Thanks!

  6. DT, not sure if Tan Chong stocks 'em. I got it elsewhere. Shoot me an email if you need help.

  7. i finally got around to installing my SPL pro outer and inner Z32 tie rod ends. The outer rod ends come with bump steer spacers since my car is lowered the bump steer is an issue. I also got new rack boots as well since the boots that where on my car were torn.

  8. Great info bro! I am searching high low for these items :D

  9. bro u dun mind i share these great information in skyline forum hor? u know our parts finding sometimes can be a pain in the arse ...


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