Friday, January 30, 2009


Pic 1: The NATS R35 GT-K

After a kei-car version of a R34. Now lets look at a kei-car version of the R35. Aptly called the GT-K, it was a project car done by the Nihon Automotive Technical School (NATS). Based from the Suzuki Cappuccino, the bodyworks are molded to reassemble the R35 GT-R but uses genuine R35 headlights and rearlights.

The stock 657cc DOHC inline-three engine still powers the car but it is equipped with a larger turbo and intercooler, coilover suspension, upgraded brakes and a set of fugly chrome bling-bling 18" wheels.

This is one confused little car.

Pic 2: Genuine R35 rearlights and a mini R35 rear spoiler

Pic 3: Front view

Pic 4: Front view

Pic 5: Side profile

Pic 6: Rear view


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