Thursday, July 23, 2009

For Sale: Trust - Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley

Pic 1: Trust-Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley

I have for sale the Trust-Greddy Adjustable Cam Pulley aka GReddy Cam Sprocket. I am selling it as a set with an inlet and exhaust cam pulley. The pulleys are used to adjust the inlet and exhaust cam timing and are especially useful if you are running an aftermarket camshaft.

Changing the cam timing can shift the power band up or down the rev range, to suit your driving needs. Adjustments can be done on a very fine and accurate scale via the adjustable cam pulleys.

The Trust-Greddy pulleys are made entirely from aluminum thus saving weight and reducing rotational inertia as opposed to the standard pulleys. This allows your car to rev up slightly quicker – in the same principle as a lightweight flywheel does. The pulley is anodised to prevent wear in an attractive blue colour. Of course, these will look great in your engine bay! :P

Unlike other designs, these cam pulleys uses five bolts to secure them. This minimises the chance of the cam wheel slipping fractionally, putting your car out of tune.

The pulley fits RB26DETT, RB25DET and RB20DET engines. Let me know if you are interested.

Pic 2: Inlet cam pulley

Pic 3: Exhaust cam pulley


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