Saturday, April 25, 2009

For Sale: Skyline & Silvia Steel Braided Clutch Lines

Pic 1: R34 Steel Braided Clutch Lines

I have for sale Nissan Skyline and Silvia Steel Braided Clutch Lines. These are custom made steel braided clutch line using material from EARL'S.

As posted in this thread, with steel braided clutch line, there is no room for volumetric expansion caused by rubber lines. It will firm up pedal feel and make the clutch more accurate by not allowing the hose to swell and lose pressure.

If you would like a unit, I can custom make it according to length (for all Silvias and Skylines) and post it to you. A similar NISMO unit will cost more but performs the same job function. These are only USD50.00 per unit.

Just shoot me an email with your vehicle model and location to eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you are interested.

Here is a picture of how it looks like.

Pic 2: Fittings at end

Pic 3: Fittings at end

Pic 4: R34 Steel Braided Clutch Lines compared to stock rubber hose


  1. This is really nice. Can consider of doing it for break hose ya =)

  2. Andrew Yap, me already running NISMO steel braided brake lines. :P

    Andrew Saw, sure as long as you give me the length and also if the fittings are the same which I suspect is.


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