Thursday, April 09, 2009

DILYSI #13 time extension? LOL

Pic 1:
304km more to hit Kuala Lumpur

Quite a pity that I didn't get enough of my speed fix during DILYSI #13. Thus on the very next day I took the opportunity to combine work with a road trip. Drove down to Johor Bharu and back up again 2 days later; clocking in 900km in total in a Hyundai Coupe GK.

I must say it's so much more civilized barreling down the North-South Highway at 200km/h in this car compared to the ER34. Now that I am back, it's time to attend to the ER34's clutch issues. Sigh....

Pic 2:
I've got to climb a couple of hundred steps to snap this pic &#@%$!


  1. Nice car... it can touch 200kmh pretty nice... Does it do it easily or does it take a while to reach that speed???

    Oh ya im guessing this is your wife's car right...

  2. Kevin, it touches 180km/h easily. But from there onwards to 200km/h, it might take a little while. A downward slope helps too. LOL :D

    Nah this is not my wife's car. I loaned this car. :O


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