Friday, April 17, 2009

EARL's Steel Braided Clutch Line

Pic 1: Steel braided clutch line with EARL's hoses

During DILYSI #13, I've had problems with a leaking clutch line. I have to ensure that the same thing will not happen again else I'll be stranded on the streets. It's a relief, I've finally got it sorted out.

Instead of sourcing for another rubber clutch line, I got my hands on a custom made steel braided clutch line using materials from EARL'S. For added security against undercarriage scrapes/stones, I got the steel line wrapped in 6mm silicone hose.

With steel braided clutch line, there is no room for volumetric expansion caused by rubber lines. It will firm up pedal feel and make the clutch more accurate by not allowing the hose to swell and lose pressure.

Pic 2: A closer look at the fitting

If you would like a unit, I can custom make it according to length (for all Silvias and Skylines) and post it to you. A similar NISMO unit will cost a bit more but does the same job equally as good as this custom unit. Just shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com with your location and I'll provide a quote inclusive of courier charges.

Here is a picture of how it looked like installed.

Pic 3: The steel braided clutch line installed

Pic 4: The old R33 clutch line

Pic 5: This is where it posed a problem for me


  1. so.. a small glitch can cause you a wholeday of mood swing. piont taken bro... look nice too than the original..

  2. Bro, be careful with locally clamped/terminated steel braided hose, be it brake lines or clutch lines because a friend had a nightmare coming down from Genting, the brake lines snaps, brake totally out!

    Nothing wrong with the material but the workmanship :o

  3. Hi astroboy, no worries on that. This guy has done it plenty of time with no issues.

    Brake lines are crucial. Anyway no clutch better than no brakes! Hahaha


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