Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For Sale: GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller

Pic 1: GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller

Since I am changing my factory ECU to an Apexi Power FC, there is no need for my current speed cut eliminator device. As such, I am selling off my GReddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller (Type A). So if you're sick of being overtaken after 180km/h and really need to rid of the factory speed limit, this is the device for you. :)

I bought this back from Japan during my visit and so yeah it's bought brand new and comes complete with the box and manual as well.

Application of this item is for most Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi & Subaru engines.

Shoot me an email (eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com) if you are interested. :)


  1. love to buy that man but problem is my car can never reach 180 km/h :P

  2. Hi bro, wats your best prize..??
    Mail me.. Thx


  3. Chew Soon, impossible. I have driven a bone stock Vios to 160km/h with more juice to go. Yours is a forced induction Vios my friend.

    Besides many Vios owners claimed to go beyond 180km/h on their stock vehicles.

    Sean, check your email.

  4. LOL bro can my Z use the item? Just drop me a email k bro.


  5. Flavian, the manual did not state application for the Z33.

    Item has been provisionally sold.

  6. LOL no problem bro. Still thinking want to take out speed cut or not........

  7. Viper, wait till you get overtaken by a 1.6litre car at 180km/h. LOL

  8. Item sold to a fellow Skyline owner!


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