Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Elgrand (E51) with BNR34 wheels

Pic 1:
Elgrand with BNR34 wheels

Most associate the Nissan Elgrand as a cool VIP style people mover. Yes in fact it is actually; BUT, if you want that extra bit of sporting pretensions on an Elgrand, look no further than to lower its ride height, add in a black hood with matching black coloured front splitters AND the cream of the crop ...... BNR34 wheels. Yes, sir there you go. You've now got a bit of the GT-R pedigree in an Elgrand.

Incase, you're wondering, this picture was taken in Hong Kong. :)


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  2. Omg, ground clearance for a family MPV = fail!

    Imagine what will happen to the Elgrand when its fully loaded down with occupants and going over speed bumps... =P

  3. Loki, there is an even lower car than this Elgrand. Wanna see? I'll post it up. :)


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