Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 5 out of 5)

Here is the final installment of my 5 part Stage II post. If you noticed there are some slight additions to the ER34 that I've yet to blog about. Can you spot 'em? :P

Yes there was a dyno and tuning session. I'll reserve that bit of info on a separate blog post. I have a lot of rants on that aspect.

After this part 5 work was completed, I ran into some problems with the cooling and fueling system. I'll write more on that in my coming updates. So stay tuned.....

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Pic 1: Stock versus Power FC

Pic 2: Apexi Power FC manages the ER34 now

Pic 3: Dyno time!

Pic 4: Tuning the Apexi Power FC

Pic 5: Rear view of the dyno session


  1. congrats bro! please give me a chance when you see me on the road yah! :P

    arrrrrrrghhh why your tuner work so fast wan, mine takes forever!

  2. fuyohhhh willans harness, new bucket seat?

  3. nice one bro,cant wait to see ur update :)

  4. Woo Hoo! Monster completed! You should have showed off your ride during the TT! Would have loved to check it out! Next one okay?

  5. Chew Soon, coz you have a lot more work going into your car dude. Mine is not as elaborate ma. :P

    rych, keen eye .... shall be revealed.

    Thanks Ken.

    Leo, well not entirely completed. Still need some more work and a retune. Nothing to show off coz when the hood is popped open, it looked bloody stock bro. Hahaha

  6. Congrats! How much it cost for up to stage 2? Now can go from 0-100 less than 4sec?

  7. our cars are done.


    gotta feel ur gt-rs one day!

  8. Steven, thanks man. Dunno on both accounts. :P

    Zul, mine not really done yet bro. Still a teeny weeny bit more. :(
    Sure thing man, you can have a feel no issue.

  9. Yo oh....GTR spoiler spotted...

  10. eu jin,

    nice stuff, I see you got ur SPG in the end. Mind letting me know where you got urs from? I am looking for another to complement my passenger seat.

    got any power figures yet?

  11. Mugil, it is not a SPG but its replacement model. Will reveal more in later posts. I got mine off a friends' car.

    Tentative power figures yes. It's decent but not massive.

  12. Steven, nope. It is RWD coz it is a GTT not a GT-R. :(


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