Friday, February 12, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 1 out of 5)

Well not exactly completely done but it's more of less there minus one or two stuffs. The ER34 was off the road for 4 weeks in total undergoing some 'minor' upgrading works. Not gonna write too much on what goes on or what happened under the hood but I'll post up a series of pictures (5 parts in total) to do all the talking.

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You know I always answers my readers' comments. :P

Enjoy the pics and watch out for Part 2. :)

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Pic 1: The stripping begins ...

Pic 2: Where's ya heart buddy?

Pic 3: Yeap, it is indeed gone.

Pic 4: The RB25DET NEO

Pic 5: Engine and transmission out of the ER34

Pic 6: Rightful home isn't too far away...

Pic 7: Side view

Pic 8: From the rear

Pic 9: This is where the work really begins


  1. it doesn't look like a MINOR upgrade to me bro! :D

  2. Emmm..... fishy... fishy.... emmmm.....

    Did I saw red colour block somewhere... heh heh heh.... or perhaps - Green..... huuuuu.......... ;-)

  3. Hmm..I can smell some GT-RS smoke there bro! Having the gear box and engine out for rebuild at the same are planing some thing BGI.....hee...hee...hee...

  4. CCC, I assure you it's pretty minor. LOL

    toyol, wah that's big expectations bro.

    Darence, coming soon ..... :P

  5. the back ground looks very familiar...hehe. satigue.


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