Tuesday, February 09, 2010

ER34 vs Prius Hybrid (ZVW30)

Pic 1: ER34 versus Prius

Hybrid vehicles are making waves and are ever popular in developed markets like North America and Japan BUT it's still making its inroads into Malaysia. What used to be a favourite tool by Hollywood celebrities to be seen pottering around in one to project an eco conscious image, is now widely accepted by the masses.

Pic 2: Multi Information Display

Undeniably as projected via its worldwide sales, the Toyota Prius is the market leader in terms of technology and volume. It commands a staggering 80% of all worldwide hybrid sales!

The Koreans are also coming out with their hybrid version as soon this year; while our local manufacturer Proton will be rolling out their hybrids in 2011. Don't be surprised but China manufacturers are also fast developing their hybrid vehicles.

Pic 3: Touch Tracer at work

I've had a chance to drive the Prius for two days and came out pretty much impressed. Whilst in ECO mode it's pretty much sluggish but power is available instantly when you switch to PWR mode. I adore the Multi Information Display (MID) and was blown away by the 3D floating-like display when one operates the Touch Tracer via the steering wheel. Really hi-tech stuffs. Reminds me of the bridge in Star Trek. LOL :D

The gear selector is awesome to use too. Really unconventional as it of an unorthodox design and the selector returns 'home' after your selection.

And it has Heads Up Display (HUD) as standard equipment. How cool is that?!?

Will there be a day whereby I end up selling the ER34 and be traveling around in a hybrid like the Prius? Hmmm ....... perhaps perhaps perhaps. :)

Pic 4: Prius has a drag coefficient of just 0.25!!

Oh yea, the Prius (ZVW30) is currently having a worldwide recall now on reprogramming of the ABS software. Owners around the world have reported that there are inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady application of brakes on rough or slippery surface when the anti-lock brake (ABS) system is activated. The 'fault' lies with the ABS actuator whereby there is a possibility that the braking force after ABS activation may slightly degrade as compared to braking force before the activation.

So if you have a Prius lying at home, no worries, just get the ABS Actuator ECU reflashed at your friendly service centre. :)

Pic 5: What you think of the rear end?


  1. EJ: ER34 is more than enough lo. What other car you got there? Dont tell me u drive ER34 everyday to work?

  2. Hybrid technology is fine and dandy but for a nippy run-a-round I'd rather get a used Polo GTI or the new Mazda 2 :)


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