Monday, February 15, 2010

Nissan N1 Water Pump

Pic 1:
N1 Water Pump touched down to Malaysia

Just got myself a N1 Water Pump (Part No. 21010-24U07) for the ER34. I've done all the necessary belt and pulley changes at my major service at 40,000km but decided not to change the water pump back then as it was still looking pretty good. Well, I guess now it's the time for a replacement.

The item is a great replacement for the inevitable failure of the water pump on RB engines. It's suffice to say a common failure. There are other cheaper alternatives besides N1 Water Pump like the offerings from GMB or Paraut. They work fine as well but the N1 Water Pump is designed to have far less cavitation at sustained high RPM than the factory designed items. Thus it improves water flow optimum for hard driving/circuit use.

Pic 2: Comparo. Top is N1 Water Pump while bottom is stock water pump

At a glance, the N1 Water Pump looked similar to the factory items except for that it has 6 large blades instead of the factory smaller 8 blades. One of the top bolt hole is different too.

I've read of cases where people mistakenly bought cheap N1 Water Pump off ebay but the actual item is just OE ones. So beware of what you're paying for and do read the fine prints.

As with my comment on Nismo Low Temp Thermostat entry, I really do need to budget for an aluminum radiator to support this mod as well. Got to really start saving up.......

Pic 3: Note 6 huge blades of the N1 Water Pump

Pic 4: Side view

Pic 5: The rear of it

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