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Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S

Pic 1: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S package

The factory ER34 fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is great for stock to mild tuning, but it is not capable of increased fuel demands for higher horsepower applications especially since a higher output fuel pump is installed.

Errr ...... yes more horsy power is indeed in the works for the ER34.

There are many fuel pressure regulators in the market from Sard, Nismo to Malpassi but I settled on the Tomei because it's pretty new in the market and at the moment there are no copy versions. Fake units of Sard fuel pressure regulator are now everywhere in the market and you wouldn't want to be fooling around with matters concerning highly flammable fuel!

Pic 2: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S package

Pic 3: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S

Tomei fuel pressure regulator (Part No. 185001) is a rising rate regulator and have 2 versions; the Type S and the Type L. Basically a smaller and a larger version. The Type S FPR is recommended by Tomei for general tuning setups (Boost-Up/Bolt-On Turbo). The Type L FPR is recommended for Higher Flow, High Power, High Boost setups. Thus in my case, I suppose a Type S will suffice. :)

I must say that the FPR looked very 'pretty' compared to the offering from Nismo. It is made from aluminium with a hard anodized surface finish. The Type S weights just 155gm (not that it matters anyway).

Pic 4: 2 units of AN6 1/8NPT and 2 units of 1/8NP fittings

Fitting is pretty straight forward too as it can be installed in place of the OEM fuel regulator with the proper adapter.

Design wise, the the Tomei FPR comes with 3 ports on the bottom, and both sides. The bottom is for the fuel exit. One side is for fuel inlet, and the other is for pressure sensor connections. These are all 1/8 NPT sized.

I am not too sure that the stock FPR diaphragm diameter are but the TYpe S has a diameter of f33 and vacuum hose nipple diameter of f4.5. Pressure adjustability ranges from 2.0kgf/cm2 to 8.0kgf/cm2.

Pic 5: Mounting bracket

Oh, btw, do remember to obtain the mounting bracket (vehicle specific) as well. This is not included in the box, without it, you'll end up clueless on how to mount it on. :)

Pic 6: Free stickers

Pic 7: Detailed specs

Pic 8: Detailed specs


  1. bro,theres imitation for tomei fuel regulator too..
    check the link here

    btw,im using the type L :)

  2. Hi Ken, damn looks like there are fakes for almost everything now eh? I can be assured that mine is an original as I trust the source of purchase and the comparison photo on the link confirms it. :)

  3. bought from reliable source is the way to go,actually dun mind pay a little more for peace of mind :)

  4. Hi, Thanks for the info in this blog, I have also bought one myself today with confidence after knowing how to differentiate between the fake and the real. :D

  5. By chance I have just put the same fuel regulator into my GTT - good to see you're path-breaking as ever! All gone smoothly so far ?

  6. Hi Keith. Yea mate. All is well. Just got to make sure you get a genuine unit as there are fakes made in China around.

  7. Hey EJ, may I know where did you purchase the Tomei Fuel Regulator? A few shops in Sunway were reported selling dem fake ones as well, but at the price of original!
    I need to buy one for my ride as well. Please advice. Thanks!

  8. Hey, EJ may I know where did you purchase the original Tomei fuel regulator? Planning to get one myself, but most sold in Malaysia are imitation (even in Sunway).

    Thank you!



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