Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NZ Police pursuits a Skyline

Check out this epic video of the New Zealand Police giving chase to a 4dr R33GTS-t. In what probably is the handiwork of a rookie police, instead of going for the Skyline, he busted the tyres off his own comrade's police car. Hahahaha :D

Oh, I think the police car needs a new set of tyres too. It's totally devoid of any threads. LOL :D


  1. What? Do they need to carry 4 officers in a car chase...
    The R33 like running so slow also cannot chase.....


    Check out this page full of high end cop cars there are some skylines in there to.

  3. Nanged Your Ads
    Nang My Ads Too

  4. Those are not bald tyres. Those are slicks!! :P


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