Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DILYSI #18: Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The group setting off - Dinesh right at my rear. Note DARK skies.

After a long hiatus on the DILYSI sessions and doing a recce trip 2 weeks back, DILYSI #18 took place last weekend to none other than Frasiers Hill. I have had many sessions to Frasiers Hill in the ER34 and before that in my Proton Perdana V6. I really love the route and what it has to offer in terms of driving enjoyment.

What is different in DILYSI #18 was the weather. This is by far the worst ever weather I have had going up Frasiers Hill. It was raining pretty heavily thus the roads were drenched! To add more drama, as we get closer to The Gap, the roads were littered heavily with leaves and tree branches. Add a couple of fallen tress and landslides, it really does gets very unnerving.

And I was driving a little bit faster than I should in these sort of conditions. Not a really wise thing to do I must say. All the seven of us (2 ER34, 1 BCNR33, 1 BNR32, 1 ECR33 and 2 A31) would probably be finding it a bit of a handful to drive hard as we got nearer to Frasiers Hill, and as the weather worsens.

There's some incidents enroute and the drive was cut short. We didn't even make it to The Gap.
We were probably 5 km away to that. Oh well, as long as everyone is ok. Not sure when will the next DILYSI be .......... somehow I think I might want to retire from driving my ER34 like I've just stolen it and my life is worth half a penny.

Pic 2: Turning in after Ulu Yam town

Pic 3: This is how bad the condition is. Rain, wet roads and loads of leaves

Pic 4: Turning back as a fallen tree have blocked the road

Pic 5: The group just hanging around

Pic 6: EJ's ER34, Temujin's BNR32 and Wai Chun's A31

Pic 7: Loki's BCNR33 and Alvin's ER34

Pic 8: Feez's ECR33 and Temujin's BNR32

Pic 9: A monkey enjoying its meal

Pic 11: Inquisitive fellow this one

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