Monday, July 11, 2011

DILYSI #17: Frasiers Hill, the recce

Pic 1: The ER34 at its fave playing ground

Unbelievable but my last trip to Frasiers Hill was exactly two years ago! And the last Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) was one year ago!
Oh man, looks like I have been in hibernation for way too long. I still love driving on touge (mountain roads) but it's just that family commitment (and age!) kind of somewhat deters that from happening for quite a bit. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy!

I've been telling myself to do a recce trip early this year. Somehow, I never get to do that until last weekend when my touge buddy Alvin pesters me that it's about time we revisit our old favourite playing ground. Plus he has just converted to manual transmission on his ER34 so I guess it's also a shakedown run for him. We were joined by Bhagwan who decided to have a cruise most of the way. He came with a leaky radiator and a huge unsecured boom box in the trunk. Hahaha

It's mostly a recce trip to check on the road condition and also if there's any changes to the routes. I'm pretty happy to report that things were almost just like before except some parts of the roads now are better BUT it's still the good old road surface mixture that we love. Smooth roads dotted with some that have ruts on 'em. Some damp stretches, wet leaves and sand on some parts, dips and undulations and not to mention, low overhanging tree branches that scrapped Alvin's car. LOL

What changed a lot was up in Frasiers Hill. Old buildings were refurbished and gone were the mamak stall that we used to hang out a long time ago. The tiny little coffee shop that we used to have breakfast was also gone and supposedly moved up the road. We went to this new food court sort of building where we had breakfast. Yummy burgers were available and so were great Nasi Lemak. Got to try that next time.

Pic 2: Alvin and Bhagwan

With my stage II upgrades, I find that my driving pattern had to change too. I had to keep the engine on higher rpm to so that I have sufficient boost coming out of corners. I tend to row between 2nd and 3rd gears lesser too compared to my previous setup when going towards The Gap.

The best part of this drive besides the great company was that the roads were practically deserted. All the way to The Gap and up to Frasiers, we practically have the whole road to ourselves. I'm driving as if it's a one way street utilizing all the roads on front of me. It was a blast and most definitely won't be too long till we come up here again. :)

Till the next DILYSI.......

Pic 3: Lovely roads ...

Pic 4: ... with lovely bends

Pic 5: Parked at the 'entrance' to Frasier Hill

Pic 6: Alvin's ER34

Pic 7: Waiting for Bhagwan

Pic 8: The three chaps that got nuttin' to do on a Sunday am


  1. Hi Zul, yes indeed huh. It was great fun last time driving with you.

  2. I thought there will never be any DILYSI post again. Busy recently, EJ?

  3. Missed the DILYSI n I remember there was one time that my boom box dented the car surface from inside -_-



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