Wednesday, July 06, 2011

AC Delco NS40ZL Maintenance Free Battery

For the past week, the ER34 have been kinda hard to crank up especially during cold morning starts. It gets much worst if it's left un-driven for 2 days or more. It takes a LOT of cranks to get her started. Not very impressive if there is any passer-by around. Kind of embarrassing actually. The battery voltage reading as indicated by the Blitz Fatt DCIV confirms that it's running a tad low on juice.

Skyline absolutely hates low voltage battery and it really does show. After checking through my records, my last battery change was exactly 2 years ago. Guess it's about time to replace it. Got my usual AC Delco NS40ZL Maintenance Free Battery from my regular parts shop and it's all good now. With just a crank or two, the ER34 roars to life beautifully! Pleased! :)


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