Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leaky Fuel Lines

Pic 1: The source of the fuel leak

Just discovered my fuel lines are leaking! It was pretty bad to the point it's continuously dripping fuel from the lines joining the Tomei Fuel Regulator. I wouldn't have know if I did not pop open the hood the other day to try on fitment of a new part that I have just procured. What part is this? Well, let's leave that for the next entry shall we?

Anyway, back to the topic, fuel leaks are seriously dangerous! Thankfully that the ER34's exhaust manifold is on the other side of the engine. If it's right underneath the leak, the ER34 would have went up in flames! Yikes!

Just got all the lines replaced with better quality items and hopefully, it'll last me for many more years to come. What went in is Unigawa Fuel Hoses featuring an external heat resistant textile yam which sort of looked like the weaves of carbon fibre. It has an internal diameter of 8mm and an outer diameter of 14mm. The lines are designed to handle working pressure of up to 10 bar/15psi thus it should be mighty sufficient for the job at hand.

Pic 2: New fuel lines

Pic 3:New fuel lines replaced the old ones

Pic 4: New fuel lines replaced the old ones

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Carbon Fibre Air Diversion Plate

Pic 1: Carbon Fibre Air Diversion Plate

I've always wanted an air diversion plate for the ER34 but have never really gotten round to get it done. What's an air diversion plate?

Well it's basically a piece of panel that prevents air from escaping through the top of the radiator. With these fitted, it will force more air through the radiator to reduce engine temperature. Simple solution for more effective cooling. Plus it looks really good too when you pop the hood up.

Not many brands cater to the ER34 and most of it is finished in aluminum bar a small garage in Yamato, Japan that produces a carbon fibre version. Unfortunately, the price is pretty high too.

So it has been left as it is for years until one fine day an interesting opportunity came by. A carbon fibre air diversion plate came up for sale at a pretty reasonable price. Without much hesitation I grabbed it even though I was unsure that it will fit properly on my car. I was afraid that the non-standard front bumper would somewhat hinder the fitment.

And it turns out to be not a direct fitment. I've got to relocate my horn and also fabricate a new mounting bracket for my Trust Oil Cooler in order for the carbon fibre air diversion plate to fit snugly. Not a very big deal but some amount of work there. The front bumper was never an issue.

So yeah, here it is installed on the ER34. 

Pic 2: Carbon Fibre Air Diversion Plate installed.

Pic 3: Carbon Fibre Air Diversion Plate installed.

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