Friday, January 30, 2009


Pic 1: The NATS R35 GT-K

After a kei-car version of a R34. Now lets look at a kei-car version of the R35. Aptly called the GT-K, it was a project car done by the Nihon Automotive Technical School (NATS). Based from the Suzuki Cappuccino, the bodyworks are molded to reassemble the R35 GT-R but uses genuine R35 headlights and rearlights.

The stock 657cc DOHC inline-three engine still powers the car but it is equipped with a larger turbo and intercooler, coilover suspension, upgraded brakes and a set of fugly chrome bling-bling 18" wheels.

This is one confused little car.

Pic 2: Genuine R35 rearlights and a mini R35 rear spoiler

Pic 3: Front view

Pic 4: Front view

Pic 5: Side profile

Pic 6: Rear view

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For Sale: R34 Rear Lights

Pic 1: White R34 rear lights - front

Pic 2: White R34 rear lights - rear

I have 2 sets of R34 rear lights for sale. They are painted in factory paint; white (QM1) and black pearl (GV2). These are taken out of cars thus are not chop shop items. They are couriered direct from Japan to serve as spares for me but I've had to let it go for the funds are needed for other items.

It is in great condition with all the wirings in place. Excellent for those who want to keep as spares or looking to convert their cars with R34 rear lights.

E-mail me / reply here if you are interested.

Pic 3: Black R34 rear lights - front

Pic 4: Black R34 rear lights - rear

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kei-car R34?

Pic 1: Takara Tomy Choro-Q R34 GT-R

Ever imagined if the R34 Skyline made by the Japanese toy giant Takari Tomy (株式会社タカラトミー, Kabushiki Kaisha Takara Tomī) called the Choro-Q became an automotive reality?

What will it be? It will be a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Kei car (aka K-car / keijidōsha / 軽自動車)! LOL :D

Well, the ever imaginative motoring enthusiast in Malaysia is making one out of a Perodua Kelisa. Here are some pictures of it in the process of conversion.

Imagine it all done and painted in #TV2 Bayside Blue! :P

Pic 2: Front view of the Skylisa :P

Pic 2: Rear view of the Skylisa :P

Monday, January 05, 2009

Fixed! Front tie rods and caster arm bush

Pic 1: The Paraut and Nissan parts

As a follow-up to my previous blog entry on "Loose front tie rod and leaky caster arm", I've finally got it all fixed.

For my replacement parts, I've seriously considered purchasing aftermarket adjustable caster arm to replace mine but took a step back in fear of harshness and/or noise as the ER34 is driven on a daily basis. It's not a weekend car nor do I drift the vehicle. Hmmm......

So what parts did I get?? Here it is.....

1) Paraut tie rod
2) Paraut tie rod end
3) Nissan rubber bushing for Nissan R32/R34/etc...

After installation, I took a spin around the block and all seems to be fine. Got my alignment redone and thankfully it's now solved. :)

PS. If you need these parts, gimme an e-mail.
(local or overseas readers welcomed)

Pic 2: Paraut tie rods

Pic 3: Paraut tie rod end

Pic 4: Nissan bearing

Pic 5: Old tie rod (tie rod end are removed)

Pic 6: Leaking caster arm bush (replacement next to it)

Pic 7: Old tie rod

Pic 8: Old tie rod end (Note cracked bushing)

Pic 9: New tie rod and tie rod end (RHS)

Pic 10: New tie rod and tie rod end (LHS)

Friday, January 02, 2009

A mix of Proton Perdana and BNR32 + BCNR33

Pic 1: Rear BCNR33 look on a Proton Perdana

From the last blog entry on BCNR33/BNR34 hybrid?, many have commented that the vehicle that was converted to look like a Nissan Skyline was a Proton Perdana (aka Mitsubishi Eterna chassis code E54). My old ride!! Gosh I miss that car and the purr of the V6 engine. :)

It was in fact a Nissan Cefiro (A32).

So since many thought it looked like a Proton Perdana, here's come pictures of Proton Perdana that was converted to look like a BCNR33.
I got these pictures via online forums on the net.

Pic 2: Front R32 headlights

Pic 3: Rear R33 rearlights

Pic 4: Rear view

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Loose front tie rod and leaky caster arm

Pic 1: Front wheels can wobble left and right

A couple of months ago, my rear HICAS tie rod ball joint gave way (read here). Now looks like the fronts are facing the same predicament.

Just like last time, my front wheel can wobble to the left and right when it's jacked off the ground. Not exactly very confident inspiring. So now I've known that culprit of the ticking sound from DILYSI #11. To top that off, I found my front left caster arm bush to be leaking as well.

Oh darn it! Looks like old age is catching up with the ER34. :(

Here are some pictures of the parts that needs to be replaced. I'll update more when I get my replacement items. :)

Pic 2: Front tie rod and tie rod end

Pic 3: Leaking caster arm bush
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