Thursday, January 01, 2009

Loose front tie rod and leaky caster arm

Pic 1: Front wheels can wobble left and right

A couple of months ago, my rear HICAS tie rod ball joint gave way (read here). Now looks like the fronts are facing the same predicament.

Just like last time, my front wheel can wobble to the left and right when it's jacked off the ground. Not exactly very confident inspiring. So now I've known that culprit of the ticking sound from DILYSI #11. To top that off, I found my front left caster arm bush to be leaking as well.

Oh darn it! Looks like old age is catching up with the ER34. :(

Here are some pictures of the parts that needs to be replaced. I'll update more when I get my replacement items. :)

Pic 2: Front tie rod and tie rod end

Pic 3: Leaking caster arm bush


  1. EJ,

    If you have extra cash, change your LCA bushes to polyurethane ones. I use whiteline anti lift kit (rear bushes) and FULCRUM SuperPro bushes (Front bushes). It last longer....but downside is that it's harder, hence giving you a little more uncomfortable ride

    Also, get wheel bearing done at the same time :)

  2. I did consider adjustable tie rod ends from whiteline but the cost is too expensive given the current exchange rates. :(

    As for bushes, I think I will go stock as I drive the car daily on not so smooth Malaysian roads.

  3. The first car , its spoiler seems very high...


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