Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cusco Rear Brace

Pic 1: Cusco Rear Brace

Just got the Cusco Rear Brace fitted to the ER34. It's supposed to tie in the rear and provide that extra bit of rigidity. It's plug and play thus no holes needs to be drilled but being the fitting position is in the boot/trunk of the car, some carpet would need to be trimmed to make way for the bar.

Nothing major, just need to make some slits for the bar to pass through behind the trimmings. One disadvantage about this bar is that the parcel shelf in the trunk would not be accessible anymore as the bar is smack in the middle blocking access to it. I guess some trade-off needs to be made.

Below are pictures of the install to give a clearer understanding.

Pic 2: Cusco Rear Brace

Pic 3: Cusco Rear Brace

Pic 4: Mounting point

Pic 5: One side with carpet trim and another without

Pic 6: Carpet trim back on

Pic 7: This is how it looks like when finally fitted

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