Thursday, November 25, 2010

Endless System Inch Up Brake Kit (6 pot)

Pic 1: 6 pot Endless System Inch Up Brake Kit

Going back in time to April 2007, I posted an entry on the painting of the stock ER34 Sumitomo calipers to blue. Why blue? Well I always liked the blue Endless calipers; and thus, did the next best thing back then, i.e. blue stock calipers.
Yeah, I'm sure some readers will be scorning at the decision. LOL :D

I've been on the lookout for stock BNR34 Brembo brakes (front + rear) off and on for a while now. Just too bad that I have yet to stumble upon a set that is reasonably priced and in mint condition. As luck would have it, out of the blue (pun intended!) and totally unplanned and un-budgeted for, I ended up with a set of front Endless System Inch Up Brake Kit.

Pic 2: 6 pot Endless System Inch Up Brake Kit

This set of Endless System Inch Up Brake Kit came off a R34 Skyline and thus is just plug and play into mine. Unfortunately I only have the front pair tho. Looks like the rear will have to do with stock calipers with the current Project Mu rotors. I hope there will not be too much of an irregular brake balance. But then it is said that only 20% of the brake force is at the rear, the front is doing most of the stopping anyway.

The set I got is in relatively good condition and it comes complete with:

1) 2X Endless 6 pot calipers
2) 2X Endless 345mm rotors
3) 2X Endless brackets to suit R34 fitment
4) 2 pairs of Endless brake pads (plenty of meat!)

Pic 3: 6 pot Endless 6 pot Calipers

Pic 4: 6 pot Endless 6 pot Calipers

Out of curiosity, I weight the parts on my home electronic scale and got the below readings:-

Endless calipers with brackets - 4.9kg each
Endless rotors - 9.7kg each

I would have expected it to be lighter tho, afterall it's made from diecast aluminium composite material. I can't wait to fit this on the ER34!!

PS. Looks like my Project Mu SCR Pro 2 piece floating rotors will be up for sale soon. :P

Pic 5: Endless 345mm rotors

Pic 6: Mockup behind a stock BNR34 wheel

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