Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BNR34 Carbon Fibre Fetish

Pic 1: Fully carbon fibre up front

There's one BNR34 in Malaysia that have my greatest respect. But interestingly enough, it has managed to stay below the radar for a looooong time. No one seems to have seen or heard of this car. I've been keeping some photos for a very long time, and I think perhaps it's now apt to share just some of it.

I'm sure the specifications list is mighty impressive as this car generates tonnes of power and torque. Even the tuner is flown in from Jun Auto Mechanic, Japan to fine tune this beast. I'm not gonna reveal the power figures but instead am just going to concentrate on one aspect of this car, its carbon fibre fetish.

This BNR34 has carbon fibre everything!!!

Amongst the cf bits it possesses are bonnet, front bumper, fender (LH & RH), fenders covers, headlamp air intake, canards, doors (LH & RH), eye lid, craft square mirrors, boot, Voltex spoiler, rear diffuser, Nismo cf pillar garnish, Garage Defend GT cooling panel and many many more.

Pic 2: Panda theme

Oh yeah, even the interior is not spared by the carbon fibre fetishism. There's cf-look transmission surround cover, gear lever boot cover, handbrake lever cover, mfd cover, armrest cover, etc....

Hats off to the owner. :)

Pic 3: Menacing no less. Note headlights air intake

Pic 4: Lovely Nismo hood

Pic 5: Note Craft Square mirrors

Pic 6: More carbon fibre at the rear end

Pic 7: Side profile

Pic 8: Voltex carbon fibre GT Wing

Pic 9: Did you see the wheels? And what's peeking out?

Pic 10: Carbon fibre doors - outside and inside!

Pic 11: Nismo LM GT-4 and AP Racing brakes.

Pic 12: I wish I have these Takata harness

Pic 13: Carbon fibre theme continues inside

Pic 14: Let me assure you that this engine has LOADS of power and torque. Tuned by Jun Auto Mechanic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Direct fuel pump wiring

I had the fuel pump wiring in the ER34 rewired so that it receives the full 13.8V that comes direct from the battery. If I am not wrong, the ER34 comes with variable speed pump control - 2 stage?

With the new rewiring, the fuel pump gets the full juice from the battery and is at full efficiency. Attached is the wiring diagram if anyone is interested. Click on it to see a larger image.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Movie: Drift GT-R

Check out this Japanese movie entitled Drift GT-R that was released in 2008. Basically the storyline is like this:-

Ren, a young street racer has just defeated a red RPS13 on the mountain pass. A moment later, he found that the tires of his BNR32 were stolen by a local tyre and car parts stealing gang! Miyu, the daughter of the gang’s boss challenged Ren to a race. However, Miyu asked him for a favour after she lost the race. Now Ren have to challenge three cars on the touge, 2 RPS13 and the FD3S belonging to the gang leader. What would be the outcome? Watch it to know. :P

Yes, corny storyline but what the hell, I'm just watching the show for the cars! Tyres and car parts stealing gang? Geez!!! LOL :D

Directed by Kichitaro Negishi, it's a pretty short film of just 1:13:29. Stars include unknown people like Taiyo Sugiura, Kazuya Kimura and Mizuho. Acting is pretty dodgy and at parts can be a pretty repetitive. You have been warned. Oh and the lead actor looked like a girl to me. LOL :D

If you have an hour of free time to watch this, you can download it here:-

Movie download:-

English subtitle download:-

Check out the trailer below:-

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sard 650cc Injectors

Pic 1: Sard 650cc injectors

As per my blog post about my Nismo 480cc injectors here and here, I need to upgrade to higher cc injectors as the ER34 is maxing out even on the Nismo injectors.

So what's out there that is available as direct plug and play with the ER34 OEM fuel rail? Blitz has a set that churns out 525cc while Sard makes a 650cc replacement. While having Blitz injectors may sound cool and all, but with just 45cc increment over the Nismo, it will definitely not cut it. So I guess the only option for me now is the Sard 650cc injectors.

Sard 650cc fuel injectors are top-feed, high impedance and an excellent upgrade if you have upgraded your turbine and are gunning for a bit more horses. The set of 6 injectors comes with bolts and spacers designed to use with the OEM fuel rails so it's just a simple case of taking out the old and putting these in. If you're wondering, these have a latency of 1.50msec.

Pic 2: Sard 650cc injectors

I might not need the full 650cc of flow but in the event that I do anymore upgrades in the future (which I have absolutely no plan :P), at least I do not have to worry about injector capacity again.

With these new injectors, the injector and latency correction in the Power PC will need to be adjusted as per below:-

New Injector Correction
Old Size / New Size X 100
370 / 650 = 0.569 X 100 = 56.9%

New Latency Correction
New Latency - Old Latency
1.5 - 0.528 = +9.72 msec

Monday, May 17, 2010

Willans 4 point harness

Pic 1: Willans harness

I bet most if not all motorsports fan will have heard of Willans. They are the world’s leading harness manufacturer. You'll be able to see their product in all forms of motorsports – from club racing and rallying to Formula One and Nascar. Yeap even Formula One teams uses Willans harness.

I got a Willans 4 point harness to complement the Recaro RS-G seat. Well, might as well right? Afterall, the factory 3 point seat belt will be massively brushing against the Recaro RS-G shoulder support. It's going to definitely worn out that portion of the seat mighty quick if I keep on using that.

Pic 2: Camlock

The version I got is with the Camlock twist buckle quick release version and it work wonders. With a quick twist and all the harness straps unbuckles itself. It even has provision in the twist buckle to accept a fifth harness strap to convert it to a five point or six point harness.

The downside is that it's now a mighty chore just to get strapped in. And once you're strapped in you can't even reach for the glovebox let alone to look over your shoulders when you wanna reverse the car. Eeekk!

Here are some pictures of the harness.

Pic 3: Willans harness

Pic 4: Installed along with the Recaro RS-G

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Sale: Nismo 480cc injectors and ER34 370cc injectors

I am selling off two sets of fuel injectors. They are in perfect working condition and am selling them due to upgrades. The below are the details of the fuel injectors.

Please shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com should you be interested in them. Thanks.

Pic 1: Nismo 480cc injectors

Pic 2: Nismo 480cc injector

Nismo 480cc injectors (16600-RR710)
Yes I've just got hold of these not too long ago and I'm selling them coz I need bigger injectors to support my mods. These have been in my car for like 2 weeks and would have traveled the distance of about tank of fuel. These are ideal upgrades for ER34, CPV35, C35, Z33, WGC34, and WGNC34

Pic 3: ER34 370cc injectors

Pic 4: ER34 370cc injector

Stock ER34 injectors
These are the original 370cc ER34 injectors. They feature 4 spray nozzles per injector and are ideal upgrade for R32 GTS, Z33, etc...

Friday, May 14, 2010

For Sale: ER34 HKS Intercooler Type S

Pic 1: HKS Intercooler Type S

Am selling off a used but superb condition HKS Intercooler Type S for the ER34. This is a kit set thus everything bolts on to place.

The intercooler measures 600X301X65mm.

Even the manual is available. Mint!

Email me at eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you are keen. Will deliver this anywhere in the world. :)

Pic 1: HKS Intercooler Type S manual

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nissan GT-R Snap-On toolbox

Pic 1: Nissan GT-R Snap-On toolbox

What do you do when you have a Nissan GT-R in your garage and enjoys working on 'em? Well you need bling tools and of course a accompanying bling toobox too.

This is a limited edition Nissan GT-R 10-drawer toolbox from Snap-On. The toobox are made available exclusively to Nissan GT-R owners only and are sold through certified GT-R dealerships in the United States. Only 635 units are available, and each comes with Nissan GT-R graphics and a custom-etched name plate in addition to all the standard Snap-On goodness one gets with these stainless steel toolboxes.

If you're wondering on the asking price, it is a whopping USD$5,971! Yikes!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For Sale: R34 Headlights #03

Pic 1: R34 headlights

I've another set of R34 headlights for sale. As with the previous 2 sets that I have sold
; this unit is in excellent condition. It comes with all wiring sockets, bulbs, HID ballast and all brackets are in place. Those that have missed out on those 2 sets that's for sale, do not let this offer go past.

Pic 2: Clean and clear headlights

Pic 3: Clean and clear headlights

Pic 4: HID ballast and brackets all in place.

Pic 5: HID ballast and brackets all in place.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mishimoto Aluminium Radiator

Actually before I busted my radiator, I've already started looking around for a suitable replacement. Koyo was the obvious choice due to its popularity and availability. Couldn't afford higher end ones from ARC tho. :(

I've also been eyeing this blue anodized aluminium radiator from GReddy. I think it'll look smashing in the engine bay. Well, it complements my GReddy Oil Cooler and the NEO engine cover nicely. Both of which is also blue in colour. Excellent!

BUT just too bad that the cost is a little too high for me thus it is the plan was scrapped. :(

Pic 1: Mishimoto packaging

No idea what struck over me but I started looking around for alternative brands and that's when I come across Mishimoto radiators from the USA. Hmmm ..... yes there's a Western brand in the JDM-ness of the ER34. So anyway, it comes competitively priced and does the job really well. The plus point is that every single radiator is pressure tested prior to leaving the factory and there's a lifetime warranty on it as well.

Good enough of an assurance to me. :)

The Mishimoto radiator also comes with it's own 1.3kg/cm2 radiator cap. So guess my Nismo Racing Radiator Cap (Part No. 21430-RS0122) is now for sale. :P

Pic 2: What's inside the box

Pic 3: Mishimoto R34 Aluminium Radiator

Since I'm changing radiator, I've decided to flush out the whole cooling system. All the previous water and coolants were flushed out, yes even those in the engine block are all out. I got 'em replaced with pure distilled water. I had to use loads of them in order to rid of the previous fluids. With pure distilled water in the cooling system, I added no coolant in but just a bottle of Redline Water Wetter.

Pic 3: Redline Warer Wetter

"Water Wetter" is designed to reduce hot spots in your cylinder head. It does this by reducing the build-up of water vapor in any superheated areas. The bad thing about having hot spots in your cylinder head (read combustion chamber) is that they can promote pre-ignition - definitely a bad thing. Any sharp edges in your combustion chamber (around valve seats for example) may tend to get very hot (even red hot) during operation. These areas of the combustion chamber can then form local hot spots in the cooling passages. Thus, even though your bulk coolant temperature is well below its boiling point (i.e. your gauge reads just fine), there may be localized boiling in some regions of the coolant tract.

This localized boiling can cause a layer of water vapor to form over the hot spot. This vapor forms an insulative blanket and prevents heat from leaving this area, thus making the hot spot even worse. But reducing the surface tension of the water makes it easier for vapor bubbles to leave the surface of the cylinder head and allows the bubbles to convect heat away from the area. Something that changes the surface tension of a liquid is called a "surfactant". It does not take very much surfactant to significantly change the surface tension of water. Hence, you do not need to add very much "Water Wetter" in order for it to do its job.

An additional benefit of using "Water Wetter" (in conjunction with 100% water) in you cooling system is that water has an extremely high heat capacity. Thus a gallon of 100% water can carry more heat away from you engine than an equivalent gallon of 50/50 water and coolant. Water also has a high thermal conductivity which increases the convection of heat away from the coolant passage walls and into the free stream of the liquid flowing through the passages.

"Water Wetter" does not increase the boiling point of water. Standard automotive coolant does increase the boiling point of the mixture above that of 100% water. But remember that if your cooling system is operating properly, it should never get hot enough to boil (I mean BOIL, not just localized boiling). Raising the boiling point of the coolant in passenger cars is primarily a safety measure, so that if the cooling system is over stressed (climbing a hill on a hot day with AC on), it will not boil over. On performance cars the primary duty of the cooling system is to keep the engine in its optimum temperature range. This is best accomplished with 100% water, because its high heat capacity makes it very efficient at transferring heat.

Check out the below video which explains it perfectly.

Pic 4: Embossed Mishimoto logo

Pic 5: Mishimoto plaque on the radiator

Pic 6: Stock radiator out of the engine bay

Pic 7: Fitting the stock fan shroud and Samco radiator hoses

Pic 8: Mishimoto radiator fits the stock fan shroud

Pic 9: Mishimoto radiator fitted in!

Pic 10: Mishimoto radiator fitted in!

Pic 11: Mishimoto 1.3kg/cm2 radiator cap

Pic 12: Mishimoto plaque - wonder who sees it in that position

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

For Sale: Nismo S-Tune R34 Skyline GT-R

Pic 1: Nismo S-Tune R34 Skyline GT-R

A buddy of mine is selling of his Nismo S-Tune R34 Skyline GT-R. The car is a year 2000 model (declared 1999 on registration card) with the S1 Nismo S-Tune engine.

The car has too many stuffs to list down but the major ones are as below:-

Nismo ECU
Nismo Suspension

Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate
Nismo 18" LMGT4 Wheels
N1 Water Pump
N1 Oil Pump

Nismo Thermostat
Nismo Intercooler

Nismo Weldina NE1 Full Exhaust System

Oil Cooler

He is asking RM250,000 for this rare and well looked after gem. Interested? Shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com and I'll hook you up with the owner.

Pic 2: Nismo S1 engine

Pic 3: Nismo plaque

Pic 4: 320km/h instrument cluster

Pic 5: Pls note that the carbon fibre hood is not included in the sale

Pic 6: Z-Tune fenders

Pic 7: R-Tune Air Cleaner Duct

Pic 8: Nismo LM GT-4 wheels

Pic 9: Nismo Intercooler

Pic 10: Nismo Weldina NE1 Full Exhaust System

Pic 11: Nismo S-Tune R34 Skyline GT-R

Pic 12: Nismo S1 engine

Pic 13: Nismo pillar garnish
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