Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BNR34 Carbon Fibre Fetish

Pic 1: Fully carbon fibre up front

There's one BNR34 in Malaysia that have my greatest respect. But interestingly enough, it has managed to stay below the radar for a looooong time. No one seems to have seen or heard of this car. I've been keeping some photos for a very long time, and I think perhaps it's now apt to share just some of it.

I'm sure the specifications list is mighty impressive as this car generates tonnes of power and torque. Even the tuner is flown in from Jun Auto Mechanic, Japan to fine tune this beast. I'm not gonna reveal the power figures but instead am just going to concentrate on one aspect of this car, its carbon fibre fetish.

This BNR34 has carbon fibre everything!!!

Amongst the cf bits it possesses are bonnet, front bumper, fender (LH & RH), fenders covers, headlamp air intake, canards, doors (LH & RH), eye lid, craft square mirrors, boot, Voltex spoiler, rear diffuser, Nismo cf pillar garnish, Garage Defend GT cooling panel and many many more.

Pic 2: Panda theme

Oh yeah, even the interior is not spared by the carbon fibre fetishism. There's cf-look transmission surround cover, gear lever boot cover, handbrake lever cover, mfd cover, armrest cover, etc....

Hats off to the owner. :)

Pic 3: Menacing no less. Note headlights air intake

Pic 4: Lovely Nismo hood

Pic 5: Note Craft Square mirrors

Pic 6: More carbon fibre at the rear end

Pic 7: Side profile

Pic 8: Voltex carbon fibre GT Wing

Pic 9: Did you see the wheels? And what's peeking out?

Pic 10: Carbon fibre doors - outside and inside!

Pic 11: Nismo LM GT-4 and AP Racing brakes.

Pic 12: I wish I have these Takata harness

Pic 13: Carbon fibre theme continues inside

Pic 14: Let me assure you that this engine has LOADS of power and torque. Tuned by Jun Auto Mechanic.


  1. Those are the light dry carbon or wet carbon?

    There was another one young chap with exactly the same amount of exterior CF parts, but it was a 2F2F CF bumper and car in silver and all wet carbon.

    Then he crashed it not long after... hehe

  2. Hi Edward, not the silver unit. This car is different from that. Didn't know the silver BNR34 was crashed. I did know that he was selling off a lot of his cf bits.

  3. Speechless, respect and salute to this car.

  4. i know this car, from Kelantan.

  5. Should have painted it metallic black.....

  6. i believe the silver one you guys are talking bout is from penang..

  7. where can i find those carbon pieces?


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