Sunday, May 02, 2010

BNR32 Halfcut

Pic 1: BNR32 halfcut

Helping a mate of mine sell this. So yeah, it's not like I have a halfcut lying around at home. LOL :D

This is a BNR32 halfcut. Come with the whole front cut plus all seats (FR & RR), Blitz exhaust, prop shaft, complete rear axle, etc... (and lots more)

One of the plugs is flooded thus suspect a piston is dead. Block is ok thus a piston replacement is needed and it will be fine. A lot of goodies in the car as evident from the pics; Okada Project Coils, HKS Intercooler, Apexi air filter, Zeal coilovers, etc.....

No. Will NOT strip parts off it. Selling as a package.

Please email me (eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com) if there is any queries. Worldwide delivery can be arranged.

Pic 2: The RB26DETT. Nicely done up don't you think?

Pic 3: Nur colours and NISMO oil filler cap

Pic 4: Okada Project Coils

Pic 5: Apexi open pod air filter

Pic 6: HKS boost controller stepper motor

Pic 7: Zeal coilovers

Pic 8: HKS Intercooler piping visible here


  1. Highly interested with the headlamps but too bad your not selling seperately :D

  2. Post it up on ZTH perhaps? If you haven't already. I'm sure there are people on there who might be interested in this gem of a halfcut.

  3. Me - Okada coils
    Kyle - headlamps

    come on.. lets make a list.. hehehe :P

  4. Boss break it laaaa ;)


  5. If I break and sell a few items, what am I gonna do with the rest? Hehehe

  6. There.. Gobiz also want some stuff.. hehehe.. come on.. come on..



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