Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nissan GT-R Snap-On toolbox

Pic 1: Nissan GT-R Snap-On toolbox

What do you do when you have a Nissan GT-R in your garage and enjoys working on 'em? Well you need bling tools and of course a accompanying bling toobox too.

This is a limited edition Nissan GT-R 10-drawer toolbox from Snap-On. The toobox are made available exclusively to Nissan GT-R owners only and are sold through certified GT-R dealerships in the United States. Only 635 units are available, and each comes with Nissan GT-R graphics and a custom-etched name plate in addition to all the standard Snap-On goodness one gets with these stainless steel toolboxes.

If you're wondering on the asking price, it is a whopping USD$5,971! Yikes!!


  1. yeah...i wanna have a private garage with my own tool box hehehe someday...feel more secure than paying extra on a very secure parking

  2. whoaaa, i can do a lot pf stuffs with that money!

  3. Even the normal non GTR aspired Snap On Toolset cost well over RM10k lo...

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