Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dear Motorsports Stagea Pickup

Pic 1: Dear Motorsports Stagea Pickup

Just dig this picture out of my archive. Thought wanna share it with you guys, for those that have not seen it before. A small tuning shop located at city of Fukuoka, Kyushu called Dear Motorsports have a taken a Nissan Stagea and converted it into a pickup. :O

The evolution begins with a replacing the front end with all the parts from a BNR34 (minus the engine) in. As you can see, there's major rework of the body to turn it into a pickup; work on the C & D pillar, the pickup deck, 2 lesser doors, etc...

Pic 2: Dear Motorsports Stagea Pickup

As for the power plant, it runs a RB25DET from the ECR33. I would think that it would look a bit cooler if it had the twin round taillights off the BNR34 instead of the Stagea items.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pics. Blast from the past from the year 2007. :P

Pic 3: RB25DET


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