Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bumper Hood

Pic 1: Removing the old bumper hood

When your car is OLD, the bumper hood (yes that is what it is called according to Nissan) tends to sort of start to harden, break down and disintegrate. When this happens, it affects the alignment of your hood against the fenders. Yes, I am that particular; I need 'em to be perfectly aligned. :)

Besides that, more importantly, old and hardened bumper hood provides little or no protection when you slam your hood down after tinkering with the engine bay. A fresh set of soft springy bumper hood will solve that.

Pic 2: The old bumper hood

I sourced new bumper hoods (Part No. 65829-AA000) and got mine replaced. It's a quick job but I reckon it's pretty important.

Have you checked yours? Do you need yours to be replaced? I've a couple if you need 'em. These are the same for all Skyline series. Shoot me an email at eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you require it. Will ship worldwide. :)

Pic 3: The new bumper hood!!

Pic 4: Comparing the old and new bumper hood

Pic 5: All done and looking smick!


  1. hi bro.. donny here.. dropped u an e-mail..

  2. I think Nissan should name it Hood Bumper... hehe


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