Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sumitomo rear brake pads

Pic 1: Sumitomo brake pads

I've not changed the rear brake pads of the ER34 since I acquired her. Yes it's that long. So one fine day I decided to chuck the old stock pads away and insert in new brake pads. I am not going to spend a lot on rear brake pads because only about 20% of the braking force is at the rear so there's not really much reason to splurge too much on it.

That's how I decided on the Sumitomo brake pads (Part No. SN797P). Does the job well and comes in at a reasonable price. :)

It's been doing its job pretty fine so far and am happy with this decision instead of opting for mega expensive high temperature rear brake pads.

Pic 2: The face of the pads

Pic 3: The rear of the pads

Pic 5: Part No. SN797P

Pic 5: Errr....dunno what it says. :P


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