Saturday, April 03, 2010

V35 Skyline wanna be Audi R8

Pic 1: V35 or Audi R8???

Well an owner of a V35 Skyline Coupe (aka Infiniti G35) in the USA decided that having the Audi R8 'side blades' on his ride would make it look cool and invariably fool people into thinking that he is driving an Audi R8.

Hmmmm.....c'mon man. Does the V35 deserves this sort of treatment? I've seen some Audi TT that did this sort of thing, while it may not be correct to do so but at least it's still within the same family gene.

To me this is no better than this chap that decided to turn his Proton Saga (BLM) to look like an Audi A4. He even has the ABT emblem on his grill. But I can't figure out why he needed a faux roof scoop tho. LOL :D

Pic 2: Proton Saga BLM or Audi A4???


  1. ..... and they should start calling them SAUDI then.... muhahahaha...!!!

  2. I have seen a blue wira trying to be Audi too with its Audi emblem and bumper... ai...


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